Orbeez Gun – The Ultimate Water Gel Blaster To Play With

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orbeez gun water gel blaster for kids

Orbeez gun is a water gun that is made for people, especially kids, to play with. If you have kids and want them to enjoy their days during the holidays, then buy orbeez guns for them. In addition, many people add water gun games at birthday parties to make them fun and interesting. They are of different colors, sizes, textures, and shapes. Moreover, they are sold at an affordable price, so you don’t need to worry about your budget.

What is an Orbeez Gun?

An orbeez gun is not a real gun, but a water gun for playing. It is made of biodegradable materials that are fun and safe for little children to play with. You will find a thousand pieces in the packages when you buy the water gun, hence, you don’t need to purchase the pieces often.

Features of an Orbeez Gel Gun

An Orbeez gun typically has beads that are not large at all. When you soak these beads in water, they can enlarge as much as 150 times their original sizes. This is because the beads are composed of water, sodium hydroxide, and acrylic acid, which make them extra absorbent polymers. The molecules of the water inside the gun make it expand and therefore, makes it an interesting toy.

How Orbeez Gun Works

Many people, including children who have used Orbeez, said that you need to shoot the guns to use them. And obviously, that is the best way to play with the gun. Hundreds of players in the world have attested that the Orbeez gun is different from other boring water guns. Hence, Orbeez went further to produce the Orbeez gel gun and Orbeez electric gun. The electric gun is like an airlift gun, but it is built with safer components that are suitable for children. Orbeez is unlike other guns that you need to buy their darts as often as possible, which makes them expensive.

About Orbeez Electric Gun

This type of Orbeez gun uses rechargeable batteries to shoot off darts. It is a fun-filled experience if you are interested in trying it. When you shoot it off, you feel as if you are participating in a real airsoft battle. The electric water gun has a higher shooting force than other water guns.

  • Big Tank: The gun comes with a massive tank with enough space to hold hundreds of darts. So you don’t need to load the gun every time you shoot a dart with it. And you don’t have to spend more money on extra darts because the package comes with a thousand extra darts.
  • Laser Target: A laser is mounted on the gun to help you accurately lock on your target. It will make it easier for you to shoot your target accurately. Hence, it is good for you to play shooting games with your friends and family.
  • Shooting Range: Electric Orbeez water gun has a long shooting range due to its big size and shooting speed. It can cover a range of twenty meters and more, a feature that makes it a powerful tool.
  • Its Power: Electric Orbeez water gun is battery-operated, and its shooting speed is very powerful. It is so powerful it can even shoot off objects like cans (soda) and so on.
  • Design: If you are not careful, you might mistake the Orbeez water gun for a real gun. The reason is that it is designed realistically. Furthermore, it has all the parts a real gun should have, which makes it a cool toy gun.

How Dangerous Is It?

Orbeez is not designed to be a dangerous tool for anyone, most especially, kids. It doesn’t hurt anyone when it is played with. Therefore, the toy gun is perfect for children of all ages.

Accessories of Orbeez Electric Water Gun

  • Extra Darts
  • Extensions: Muzzles, Silencers, Muzzles, and tanks.
  • Good packages
  • Warranty cards for a year
  • Instruction manual
  • Laser scope (red dot)
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Shooter
  • USB cable for charging
  • Glasses for tactical training

About The Orbeez Gel Water Gun

It has a blaster that is unique to the brand. To use the gun, first, soak the gel balls in the water. Afterward, fill the soaked gel into the bottles that come with the guns. The gel version also has many accessories, like the electric version. It is also operated with a battery, but smaller than the electric version. Nevertheless, kids can have fun for a long time when they play with Orbeez gel guns.

Where to Buy Orbeez Toy Guns

You can buy Orbeez guns at various shops that sell water guns or online. For example, you can buy an Orbeez gun at Walmart or buy an Orbeez gun at Amazon. Each store has a different purchase policy, but they all sell the real Orbeez toy gun at affordable prices. You can also contact the customer care of these stores if you have any questions or purchase issues. Additionally, you can purchase directly from the Orbeez website and get the authentic guns delivered to your doorstep.

Is the Toy Safe for the Environment and Pets?

Orbeez toys are made with biodegradable materials. That is, they are made with environmentally safe materials that don’t pollute the environment. Hence, if you discard the toys, later on, be assured that the toy and accompanying accessories won’t harm the environment. Even the packaging was produced with the environment in mind. And for those who have pets, the toy gun won’t harm them. The materials are non-toxic, so even if your pet or kids come in contact with the gun, nothing will happen. The darts are also not sharp, nor can they penetrate the skin if shot at a human or pet.


Lastly, whether you purchase an electric or gel gun, each package has training glasses. It also has protective gear like safety goggles to protect your kids. Orbeez gun is the perfect party toy for playing with during birthdays, Christmas, and outings. So don’t deprive your kids of the joy of playing and purchase Orbeez toys for them today.

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