Should You Invest In Meta Stock Once Known As Facebook?

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Meta stock is the stock of Meta Incorporated, which was previously called Facebook. Purchasing Meta’s stocks makes you a shareholder who has the right to get dividends. Meta’s technology has created various platforms that help brands, entrepreneurs, and startups advertise their goods. Examples of Meta platforms are Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook (Meta). People create accounts on Meta platforms to find a community of like-minded people and market their products.

The Rise And Fall of Meta Stock

Facebook users can search for people, upload and share content, interact, and connect with other users. Businesses can advertise their products and services on Facebook and reach a wider audience. Facebook is available on mobile apps, and on its website. Instagram is more or less a video and photo-sharing app.

Unlike Facebook, you can only share shorter-word content on Instagram. Instagram users can also use Instagram like Facebook. In addition, you can advertise your business on Instagram and run targeted ads to reach a wider audience. For a better Instagram experience, it’s better to download the app than to use a web browser.

WhatsApp is more like a messaging app where you can message those you have their contact number. You can chat with your relatives, friends, or business partners.

Meta Ventures

Recently, Meta has ventured into augmented reality products, which is the reason they changed its name to Meta. Meta will provide virtual reality experiences and products/services for users. This change of operations has shaken the entire Meta corporation. The changed company is yet to find a firm foothold in the finance world, and this has made Meta stocks fall. Meta platform stocks were affected when Meta value declined.

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Fall of Meta Stock

Meta stock has fallen as of last year following the risk taken by Mark to change its operations. It seems the uncertainty of the new Meta has affected Meta’s stock value.

Meta has lost many users and investors following its announcement of a change of operations. The company has no choice but to spend more on advertising than was budgeted. They need to spend more on ads because rival firms are competing with Meta in the market. The unstable economy is not helping matters as potential investors lack the funds to invest in Meta.

To further escalate matters, the government is scrutinizing Meta’s business ethics and data collection. While rival tech firms frown upon Meta’s dominance of social media. Of all of Meta’s platforms, Facebook seems to be the most affected by Meta’s fall from the stock market.

Meta’s stock declined further last month when the firm closed for another quarter. This recent decline is far worse than previous Meta’s decline. This has also affected the number of workers Meta wanted to employ.

Mark Zuckerberg Viewpoint

Zuckerberg, Meta’s founder, blamed the bad economy as the reason why they had to reduce their new workers. This development has raised concerns about whether Meta will fire some of its employees to bring in new ones. Meta subtly hinted that this might be the case when he told his workers to get new skills if they want to work at Meta. It means that those who lack the required skills will not retain their jobs at Meta.

Zuckerberg told his present employees that they have the freedom to seek other jobs if they are not satisfied with Meta. His statement was revealed to the media, who in turn published it in their news report. A Meta executive buttressed this point in a statement made to Meta’s employees. He told them that there might be few turnovers in Meta because the firm is facing a financial crisis.

Meta Stock Went On A Downward Spiral

Of all the platforms Meta has, Facebook generated the most revenue for Meta. Facebook has always been seen as an undefeatable platform that will continually generate money for Meta. Even when Meta faced lots of court cases due to their privacy issues, its stocks were stable. Meta continued to make more money no matter how much they dragged it to court. However, the reality now is different. It seems like its recent play into the virtual and augmented field has the opposite reaction. Instead of Meta’s stock increasing after venturing into Metaverse, it steadily declined. 

For the last five years till now, Meta has been recording a loss in its manual revenue. This dragged Facebook down from the list of money-making platforms. Investors were uncertain about the fate of Meta Facebook stock when its stock fell so rapidly within 24hrs.

In a surprising move, Zuckerberg accepted Meta’s stock decline from the stock market. According to him, he is aware his company is not doing well as they had expected.

Meta’s Rapid Stock Fall

Meta stocks have fallen at a total rate of 83 percent since last year. Similarly, the firm has fallen from the top tech firms lists. The share price has been reduced to more than 53 percent. They also lagged in their business operations and service delivery.

Meta stock price is now reduced to 29.1 billion dollars as of 2021. Meta stock price today is estimated to be lower than 29.1 billion dollars.


Zuckerberg should not only watch out for his company’s stocks. He should be on his toes as there are fierce competitors around him. Examples are TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. People now prefer to buy shares from these companies rather than buy Meta stock for many reasons.

TikTok has improved its business operations and service delivery. Their improved services have diverted the attention of many Facebook users to TikTok. Even Zuckerberg knows that TikTok is a fierce competitor.

Snapchat and Pinterest are not left behind when it comes to providing quality services. If Facebook and Meta do not up their game soon, they might find themselves relegated to the background.

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