Solar Rooftop: Everything you need to know before Installing It

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Installing a solar rooftop panel

The solar industry has been gaining more ground as many people are now investing in it. The numbers of people fitting the solar rooftop in the homes increase daily. This a huge step in developing an eco-friendly environment and not destroying the ozone layers caused by the constant usage of fossil fuel. Solar power help to convert energy from the sun into electric energy with the help of an inverter. Installing solar in your home gives you a great feeling of not paying a huge amount of money to electricity companies every month. You also get to regulate and control the way you use your energy. Plus, the joy of contributing to climate change and observing a clean and green environment gives +you a fuzzy feeling.

Installing a solar rooftop panel in your house is a step in the right direction. However, there are many things you need to know before taking that huge step. “You need to figure out the perfect direction of the sun which will help produce the maximum energy you need. It is not a thing to be left to chance as mistakes in installation can incur extra costs. Therefore, you need to do thorough research and pick the best company that can do the work perfectly.”  says  Boaz Augustin.

To help make the right decision,Boaz Augustin, a solar energy expert, and business guru, takes us through everything we need to know before installing a solar rooftop in your home.

Research about it

After deciding to go solar, the first thing to do is to research the process and the cost. Know the amount of energy that will power your home. This will give you an idea of the amount of solar power you need to generate. Check if your home is right for solar power installation and if it is cost-effective. Research the advantages and disadvantages of using solar power and the best environment to use it. This will prepare you for the process.

Solar Panels

The condition of your roof

The other thing to look at is the condition of your roof. Is the material suitable for solar? Is it safe? The roof shape, direction, and age is also an important element. The shape of your roof and its direction determines the amount of sunlight that penetrates it. Moreso, if your roof has undergone fixing or it is old, you might consider replacing it before installing your solar power. Contact a  professional solar technician to help you supervise your roof and determine if is structurally sound to support the solar panel.

Choose the best price

Different companies offer different quotations for the installation of solar power. Therefore, it is important to ask different companies for their quotations and compare them to one another before you make your decision. ‘Compare the cost of installation, equipment, energy production, and many more. It is important to avoid extremely high and surprisingly low prices. A middle-range price is the best choice. You can also ask your friends and family to help you check if your estimate is reasonable” advises Boaz Augustin.

Get a warranty

It is important to have a warranty on your solar panel, and all the other equipment used for the installation of your solar power. With the warranty, you hold the company accountable if anything happens to your installation and solar panel. The company will pay all the expenses for the damage. Every state also has an incentive program for solar rooftop panel installation that requires a warranty. Different warranty is also available for the installation, and solar panel equipment depending on your contract with the company. While the solar panel warranty is between 25-30years, the installation is between 3-10years.

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