How to Win Tenders in Algeria: Follow Our Top 3 Steps

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top steps to win tenders in algeria

Tendering is no easy industry to be in. Taking part in the procurement world requires lots of nerve and preparation. And while every country has its own rules and regulations, Algeria for one is a highly competitive market. Specifically, Algeria is unique when it comes to tenders rules, as it has constantly updated them.

Furthermore, with large and hyperactive industries like energy, the competition for contracts is certainly hectic. Therefore, when you are a small or medium-sized business (SME), you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is by girding up your loins. In other words, spare no effort in your preparation plan. This article will explain the major steps you need to take to win tenders in Algeria. Find also our pro tip for how to facilitate the journey towards acquiring contracts.

Top 3 Steps To Win Tenders In Algeria

1. Do Your Homework, Know Your Market :

The tender industry in Algeria is quite complicated. The Algerian government has since changed the decrees governing public procurement. Latest of which was the 2015 code, which came into force mainly to ensure the transparency of the procurement process.

Moreover, public sector markets are subject to several constraints that are imposed on all agents taking part in the public tender process.

These constraints are motivated by the principles of protection of the general interests of the public in service and guarantee the efficiency of the public tender process and the valid use of funds or public monies. This process is based on the combination of three principles:

  • Free access to the public tender process.
  • Equal treatment of applicants.
  • Transparency of procedures.

Hence, before embarking on the tough journey of winning contracts and business opportunities in Algeria, you’ll have to gain sufficient knowledge of the regulatory framework of the tender process. Understand your rights and duties, besides the recommended papers and steps.

2. Comprehend Your Niche Tenders Opportunities :

Now that you’re well versed in the regulations of the procurement process, you need to define the market you want to win. In other words, keep an eye on the economic and business climate in Algeria.

Algeria is, in fact, the leading primary energy producer in Africa. The energy sector represents a major industrial activity and an economic contributor to the country. Headed by the State-owned national oil company Sonatrach, the energy sector is certainly an attraction.

There’s also the gas company Sonelgaz which is in charge of electricity and gas distribution in the country. And Algérie Télécom, the only internet service provider in Algeria. These big corporations play a major role in Algeria and Africa, and you do not want to miss the chance to win a contract for any of them.

The bottom line, do your research. Knowledge of the major industries and companies in Algeria will help you choose where you want to invest your resources and energy.

3. Determine Your Potential :

Let’s suppose you did your research and you’re aware of the ins and outs of the Algerian market. You’ve also found a tender opportunity you want to take part in. At this point when you’re done surveying your opportunities, take a look at your business. Namely, compare the data you acquired about the tender market in Algeria with your business potential. To do this, we suggest you ask yourself some questions.

Do I have a realistic chance of winning the contract? Does the tender align with my business strategy? Do I have industry-relevant accreditations and qualifications? Questions like these can lead you to the right path.

While a business journey map may tell you the capacities and potential of your business, you can also consult past tender archives. Read through the tender archives relevant to your field. Search for and examine recent projects, how they went, and what were the requirements, criteria, and technical specifications. Then see if your business is qualified enough for the process.

Pro Tip: Make Use of Algerian Tender Platforms

While you have to spare no effort in your query for business opportunities in Algeria, you’ll also have to be smart. You wouldn’t, for instance, go the extra mile looking for tender notices in newspapers. Taking the traditional road is exhausting and would cost you lots of precious time.

Instead, consult web tender portals. And Algeria has plenty of those. For the energy sector tenders, you can check Baosem or Bomop for every sector of activity and industry, and consult DZtenders. These websites will help you find tender opportunities all throughout Algeria.


Winning government contracts is indeed the most lucrative source of income for entrepreneurs. While Algeria provides many tender opportunities and is attracting foreign investments, you do not want to miss out on acquiring tenders in this large and blooming market. This article is therefore your guide to winning tenders in Algeria.

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