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Nerdle is another version of Wordle which is a digital game that you can play online. However, unlike Wordle which is based on a word game, Nerdle is a mathematics game. All these games are intellectual games that boost your brain and make you think. If you are the type that likes to stimulate your brain, then this game is for you. You should know that the game is not a simple one. So if you’re looking for a simple game, Nerdle isn’t for you. It is for those who prefer to play with numbers instead of letters.

About Nerdle Game

Richard Mann built this game when he was conversing with his child who loves mathematics. He used his knowledge as a data scientist to create this game and make it interesting. Richard wants to use this opportunity to make maths attractive to kids and adults alike. According to him, there are many word games and puzzles, but few maths games. After he had decided to build the game, Richard and his daughter came up with the game’s name. Similarly, both of them came up with different rules to guide their play. Richard’s son, who also loves mathematics, wrote out thousands of calculations. Richard later used his son’s calculations and integrated them into the game. Then he released the game to the public with the assistance of his co-workers and friends.

In addition, the creator of the Nerdle game got the game inspiration from Wordle. Hence, most people think the game is like Wordle, albeit in numerical form. This game is very interesting and new to the puzzle world. Before you use Nerdle, you need to know how to play the game. Nerdle has been upgraded to eight characters, and the player has only six chances to guess the right numbers.

A Brief Description of Nerdle Answer Game

The developer of Nerdle, Richard, stated that the game is like Wordle but differs because it uses numbers instead of words. Thus, Nerdle and Wordle are different. Additionally, Nerdle players get to calculate and make a correct guess. This means that the game develops your thinking and mathematical skills. You win a round when you guess the numbers correctly and put them in their places. Guessing the correct numbers is part of the game’s fun, same with the color changes when you play. These unique features of Nerdle made it go viral immediately after it was launched. It has secured a spot among the top games available online. People who love arithmetics have rushed online to download the game and play. After they download the game, they arrange a series of different numbers to fill the tiles and finish the game.

How to Play

To play Nerdle, you can visit the game’s website. Then you first have to fill a grid that has not been filled. The grid is filled with tiles that change color if your guess is right and it’s in the right place. But if you guessed right but put the number in the wrong place, the color will be purple. Whereas, if you guess and place the number in the wrong spot, the color will be black. This shows that you are wrong on both counts, and you lost totally.

You need to accurately guess the calculation because you can’t put in any numbers you want. It is more complex than the word version of the game. If you can’t guess it right the first time, you have five more chances to try again.

Furthermore, for those that find it hard to use the difficult version, there is another simpler version for you. It is called a Mini Nerdle. But the simple version has fewer characters, hence, there is a number limit in the game. You can play the simple version on the Nerdle website. In addition, you can create your version of the game and send it to other players or people. You can play your version with your friends, co-workers, and family.

Reaction After the Launch of the Game

After Richard released Nerdle, it became a hit instantly among game lovers. Even Wordle launched many spin-offs to make the game more challenging due to the popularity of Nerdle. Moreover, Nerdle owes its popularity to the use of equations and numbers to get the right answers to problems. Nowadays, one can find many games that look like Nerdle on the internet.

What the Creator Has to Say About the Game

Richard wrote a post on one of his social media pages about why he loves the game. He said that apart from the fact that Nerdle keeps him occupied, he enjoys himself when he plays the game. Another point is that hundreds of users worldwide in more than 50 countries play the game every 60 minutes. Richard further stated that he was stunned when he saw the play statistics of the number of Nerdle players. Lastly, Richard is grateful to his daughter and son for inspiring him and solving several equations, respectively.

Solutions to Some Problems

How can you get a Nerdle answer? Once you make a wrong guess, the game will indicate that you are wrong by showing you the appropriate color. But if you like, you can find answers to some of the puzzles online. For example, if you play Nerdle today, you may ask Google for answers to today’s puzzle. A different alternative is to seek help from your friends or co-players. But if they don’t give you an answer, then you have to check the answers online.


We should thank Richard’s daughter who wanted a maths version of Wordle, which makes it possible to have Nerdle. Her persistence in wanting a maths number puzzle that includes calculation was a genius idea. The Nerdle game is fun and interesting for maths lovers. Without Nerdle, a lot of people would have missed out on a wonderful game. And this would have been unfair to players who prefer maths-related games to word games.

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