The Life of Milo Arthur Johnson – Son of Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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Life of Milo Arthur Johnson - Son of Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Milo Arthur Johnson is the Son of Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson was a Prime Minister in the UK from 2019 to 2022. People have long been curious about Boris’s family, especially his children. They want to know how many children he has, including those he has with his mistresses. Well, of all his children, Milo is the most private person among them and very dedicated. Other Boris children are also dedicated, but Milo mostly loves to stay out of the limelight. Growing up with a politician father, one would have expected Milo to turn into politics. But he didn’t, rather, he became a journalist. Below is a glimpse into who Milo Johnson is, his educational background, siblings, and work experience.

Let’s Get a Sneak Peak in the Life of Milo Arthur Johnson

Milo’s mother gave birth to Milo in 1995, but nobody knows his exact birthday. That means that Milo is probably now 27 years old. He’s the first son of his father. In addition, Milo’s mother is Boris’s second wife, Marina Wheeler. Marina gave birth to four kids for Boris, and Milo is her second child for Boris. That means Milo has a full older sister born to the same mother and father. Milo hails from England, London, precisely. His father Boris Johnson and mother Marina soon divorced in 2018.

As for his educational history, Milo went to an expensive high school that has an annual fee of 27,174 pounds. While in school, Milo was known for his excellence in sporting activities like cricket and football. He played very well with his teams and was well-liked by his classmates and teachers. Milo even appeared in his school magazines, where his teachers extolled his virtues and skills. When he graduated from high school, he got admitted to a university in London. He was serious with his studies and also excelled there.

In 2014, Milo successfully got his degree and started his internship thereafter. The internship lasted for five months at a reputable media house in the UAE. Milo is an extensive traveler and multilingual or a polyglot. Apart from English, he speaks three other languages, and these languages are foreign languages.

Marina Wheeler -Milo Johnson’s Mother

Marina Wheeler is a barrister who works in the legal circle in England. Boris married her after he ended his marriage with Allegra. Marina’s father worked for BBC as a media personnel and her mother is of Indian origin.

Marina went to school in Europe and later to Cambridge. She met Boris while schooling in Europe and became friends with him. In 1993, she and Boris Johnson got married a week and some days after he allegedly got divorced. Marina got an appointment with the Queen’s Council to work in the legal department in 2016.

In 2018, Marina’s marriage to Boris hit the rocks once Boris’s cheating scandal was exposed to the public. He was caught by the paparazzi having an affair with a public relations personnel called Carrie Symonds. The exposure of the affair got to the ears of his children and made them furious.

Boris and Marina’s marriage was finally over in 2020 due to his affair.

Furthermore, many people call Marina a strong woman because she was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 and had to deal with her husband cheating on her. Fortunately, she was treated on time, and she no longer has cancer.

Why did Milo’s Mother, Marina, Divorce His Father?

Milo’s mother, Marina, divorced Boris because he cheated on her. Boris was cheating on her while both were still legally married. She couldn’t stomach Boris’s cheating nature and had to call it quits. Boris’ cheating was exposed to the public, which culminated in the breakdown of his marriage. Boris even helped Marina remove her belongings from their home.

Marina has four children from her marriage with Boris. They are; a daughter named Lara Lettice, a son called Milo Arthur, another daughter called Cassia Peaches, and a second son named Theodore Apollo. Marina’s children, especially Laura, didn’t like how their father had an affair.

Siblings of Milo Johnson

Milo has a full brother and full sisters and half-siblings from his father’s side. Some people want to know the number of children Boris has from his previous marriages and mistresses.

From Marina’s side comes Lara Lettice, born 29 years old. She writes, edits, and broadcasts for a living in Britain. She has worked in various capacities in different media houses. Lara has both bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Arts. The second one is Milo Johnson, the third child is Cassia Peaches. She went to a high school on the northern side of London. As a high schooler, she was active as an editor in the school magazine. And lastly, Theodore Apollo, who is currently an undergraduate at Cambridge.

Milo has a half-sister from another mother called Stephanie. Stephanie’s mother is Helen MacIntyre, an art expert. Helen gave birth to Stephanie for Boris in 2009 while Boris was still married to Marina. At first, Boris didn’t accept that he fathered Stephanie. Moreover, Helen didn’t put down Boris’s name as the father on Stephanie’s legal documents. Her paternity was known to the world when Helen and Boris had a legal battle years after Stephanie’s birth. Boris told the court to stop Helen from telling the world he is Stephanie’s father. This is because he knew the scandal could end his career and marriage.

Another half-sibling of Milo is called Wilfred Lawrie. He is the child of Carrie and Boris. Carrie was the lady that had an affair with Boris while Boris was married to Marina. Carrie gave birth to a son, Wilfred, in 2020.

A Few More Words

Finally, you can see from the above write-up that Milo Arthur Johnson has a different personality from Boris. He always said he doesn’t want to be in the public eye. Milo further said that would rather prefer to be low-key.

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