Importance of Urban Cyber Security In Today’s World

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urban cyber security and background

The rate at which technology is fast-rising has affected a lot of things both positively and negatively. Urban Cyber Security background started in 1970. As the world keeps getting vast in technology, so is cybercrime increasing. The rate at which cyber hackers are increasing is alarming.

Therefore every business and government parastatals have to be alert always. Don’t get me wrong, this improved technology has empowered a lot. For example, it has improved traffic, lightning, and water, among others. Nevertheless, all these improvements need thorough vigilance and security measures against cyber hackers

Urban cyber security is of importance as this ensures that citizens and residents are well protected and secured. The more solutions cybersecurity has provided the more the growth of hackers and this has made cybersecurity of ultimate importance. We accept guest posts related to similar articles and you can also “write for us”.

Urban Cyber Security Explained

Cybersecurity is the act of protecting computers, servers, data, networks, and systems from hackers. What the hackers do is that in an unauthorized manner they gain access to important data and steal them. These attackers are already equipped with knowledge, skills, and tools and attack vulnerable computers and networks. Also, coupled with their skills, they study vulnerability through human behavior. This same method was used against S6 and this cost them trillions in 2021.

They have become more porous and they are always ready to share information with beginners. This has made it easier for more hackers to have access to information and tools leading to increased cyber-attacks.
With this being said, urban cyber security has a great role to play in society. Just to protect its residents and citizens.

Who And What Do Cyber Hackers Target?

Cyber attackers are those who majorly attack technology. They commit atrocities online for financial profit, political ambitions, terrorism, or business purposes. There are various ways they perform this act. Below few listed ways and methods they attack they are:

  • Defrauding through credit card
  • Scamming Business Email Compromise
  • Stalking online
  • Online defaming
  • Attacking computer systems
  • They ignore privacy policy, copyright, and trademarks
  • They make illegal copies through encryption overriding
  • Pirate software
  • Theft identity

There are also various forms of cyber attacks, but we will discuss the most popular ones below

Cloning / Phishing

Cloning cybersecurity involves illegitimate copying of emails and posting or sending them as legitimate mail. This type of email is difficult to identify as they look like a legitimate one. This makes many email recipients fall victim to this once they open such links.

How Is This Achieved?

The attackers pretend that the email sent beforehand was inaccurate and resend the mail with an attached link. Once this link is clicked on by the email recipient. It directs them to a website and this automatically exchanges information with the hackers.

Also, these emails are not only sent to an individual, it is sent to several victims. Through this, they monitor the number of victims that clicked on them. The attackers are skilled and knowledgeable enough. They make use of this to gather information to carry out their missions.

Before this is achieved, they make use of what is called social engineering. To gather information on the victim and the companies to which they are sending the emails. Mail recipients need to be able to identify legitimate emails and block them before they gain access. There are simple ways you can use to detect this. Apart from training your workers in the company or organization, you can as well make use of HIPAA-compliant measures. This HIPAA-compliant measure blocks illegitimate/malicious emails and prevents cloning attacks.
Most times, hackers send emails from a social network or phish into an executive officer account or someone holding a high position and send mail from their account.

What Is Tailgating In Cyber Security?

This type of attack makes use of social engineering to have access to passwords and physical locations that are off-limits. They tail so closely that an authorized person can access a restricted area. In this area, companies or organizations that have several entry points are liable for these attacks. Also, companies or organizations with huge numbers of staff and organizations that easily lay staff off are also liable to this attack.

In addition, organizations that allow employees or staff to move from one building or corridor to another for meetings are also vulnerable to this.

To avoid this attack, companies, and organizations have to ensure proper measures. like filling the reception area with staff and making use of identification cards. Also, video surveillance should be everywhere, and use badges for visitors.

You should also know that these hackers get new ideas every day and are also advancing. Therefore companies should ensure they train their staff and introduce them to the most recent plots in social engineering. This will ensure that everyone is on alert to any possible tailgating hackers. Cyber security core values should also be included like privacy, accountability, fairness, and security.


This involves using a software program to create files such as trojan, viruses, etc to cause havoc to a computer device. Their main objective is to hijack sensitive data, monitor the victims’ network, send spam from the targeted machine to more targets and also be able to control and make use of an infected device. There are various ways to prevent and identify malware. They are firewalls, IPS, deep packet inspection, antivirus and anti-spam gateways, VPN, etc.

Final Words

Urban Cyber security is very important, you might be thinking you don’t need any of these. But the fact remains, whether you have a small business or a large company. You will need a computer device. This simply means you are liable for cybercrime. That means you need protection. To avoid hackers from attacking your system, you need prevention and quick response to breaches.

Also, you can improve your security by separating your important assets, knowing who has access to your assets, creating several layered cyber security protection, using two-factor authentication, etc. We accept guest posts related to similar articles and you can also “write for us”.

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