Insurance for Temporary Staffing Firms

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Temporary Staffing Firm Insurance

The temporary staff agencies are consistent in providing skilled and unskilled labor to their clients. Due to this, they take on risks associated with the workers employed. Therefore, they need to protect themselves against these risks and manage them. This is why they need Temporary Staffing Insurance to effectively guard and manage the risks.

“They need to employ the services of experienced insurance companies,” said Randon Morris. Randon Morris has worked as an Entrepreneur, a Web Designer, and a Business Consultant. He has innovated new ideas in the business world. Randon is also called a “business leader” by his peers and clients.

Who are temporary staff recruiters?

Temporary workers recruiting agencies employ staff on behalf of their clients for a limited period. The goal is to increase the workforce or fill temporary vacancies, says Randon Morris.

Workers given to customers are employed by the temporary recruiting agencies, not the customers’. The customer’s job is to directly oversee the temporary workers during their working hours.

The temporary staff agencies give jobs to people and outsource them to other firms who are their customers. Not all jobs can be temporarily outsourced. People who supply farm laborers are not part of temporary staffing agencies.

The best temporary staffing insurance

Randon Morris explained that “A reliable insurance company should have good relationships with its clients. The company must be knowledgeable, have good customer service, and give the best coverage.” It must have its clients’ best interests at heart.

“Employees’ compensation should be guaranteed. Loss and risk management tailed to the clients’ needs must be offered.” Randon Morris further illustrated.

Insurance Areas Covered

Temporary staffing insurance gives compensation to the staff, covers liabilities and health benefits.

It minimizes the cost of insurance coverage to the staff to aid compliance with the rules.

They provide informative materials to the clients on Human Resources’ best policies, safety, and risk management. Upload this information on the company’s website and update it regularly. It can also be downloaded distributed to employees, clients, and site managers

Listed below are areas covered by the temporary staffing insurance.

  • Mistakes and Exclusion
  • Wide connotation of expert services
  • Global coverage
  • Responsibility to protect

Recruitment Procedures Liability

The liabilities include common liabilities, staff benefits liabilities, recruiters liabilities.

The insurance protects clients against violating these rules:

  • The disability Act
  • Civil Rights Acts
  • Act of discriminating against employee’s age
  • Unlawful Employment Act. For example, harassment of employees and revenge against them.
  • Equality of Payment Act
  • Household Medical Leave Act

Criminal Offense:

  • Thefts from clients. For example, giving out the company’s secrets.
  • Sustained loss
  • Deceitful impersonation
  • Thefts from workers

According to Randon James Morris, some Temporary Staffing Insurance firms offer compensation to these people: Professional recruiting agencies that employ workers for software developer experts, lawyers, chefs, Bankers, and many more.

Some of the employees protected are:

  • Information Technology professionals
  • Janitors
  • Staff in the hospitality industry
  • Untrained manufacturers or production staff
  • Clerks
  • Industrial employees
  • Accountants
  • Healthcare workers
  • Landscapers
  • Wholesalers and retailers
  • Building managers


A good Temporary Staffing Insurance should give special interest to their clients. Insurance companies should help their clients save money and prevent legal issues. They should be adept in the quick discovery of errors made by staff, and errors in recruiting procedures.

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