Top 6 Coolest New Tech Gadgets You Must Try In 2022

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Advancement in technology never stops. We may sometimes think that technology can’t go beyond a particular gadget or an update. Yet, the arrival of new tech gadgets makes our jaws drop to the floor. These new gadgets may not always be a necessity for all of us, but they make life a little more convenient and fun.

Technology is a vast field and it has left a tremendous effect on everyone that came in its path. Before the developments in technology, it was difficult for students to gather all the resources for their academic papers. Nevertheless, many students have access to the internet, online tools, and apps, plus smartphones and computers to make learning easier and fun for them.

It is definitely not easy to predict what changes technology may bring in the near or far future. The emerging technology in 2022 is working to change the future of computer sciences for the better. It will be helpful for companies, businesses, and individuals alike.

Moreover, there are many places where technology has proved to be beneficial, from helping doctors and medical professionals in detecting various diseases to facilitating students in writing their academic papers, and the list goes on.

6 Incredible Tech Gadgets To Try In 2022

The tech gadgets of 2022 have left us speechless with their unique features and powerful designs. However, we have chosen 6 gadgets that immediately grasped our attention:

1. Nothing Phone


Nothing, a tech brand that is most popular for its headphones, has had us on our toes for a while now. They launched their first smartphone this summer and it is certainly unlike anything else. This smartphone has a transparent or a see-through back and you can see the workings inside it. However, the most eye-catching feature of the phone is “glyphs” – 20 LED lights in sets of two, present at the back of the phone. They flash to inform you of incoming calls, messages, and other notifications.

2. Anker 757 PowerHouse

Tech Gadgets Anker 757 PowerHouse
Anker 757 PowerHouse

With a 5-year warranty and 6 times longer battery lifespan, Anker launched its biggest portable power station. The Anker 757 PowerHouse uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) to power up its battery. It is a built-to-power and made-to-last portable generator. It recharges to 80% in just one hour and has an ultra-powerful 1229Wh capacity and 1500 wattage to charge and power all your devices including refrigerators, TVs, coffee makers, etc. Moreover, it has a fast charging port to charge your laptops, smartphones, and tablets at a faster speed.

3. DJI Mini 3 Pro

Tech Gadgets of DJI Mini 3 Pro
DJI Mini 3 Pro

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is a small-sized but mega-capable drone. It is not only portable but equally powerful. Furthermore, it is also the safest drone in the series. It has a strong system to detect and sense nearby objects and has an extended flight time of up to 34 minutes. It weighs only 249g but contains all the technical hardware. This drone can be carried around with comfort and captures photos of 48MP and videos with a resolution of 4K HDR.

4. VAHA S Fitness Mirror


VAHA S is an award-winning, smart, interactive, and full-size fitness mirror that provides up to 1000 personalized workouts. On top of that, you can access workout classes 24/7. There is no need to go to the gym anymore because VAHA S is your personal trainer in your home. In addition to that, you can talk to your trainers on call to discuss your monthly progress. VAHA S provides you with a personalized workout plan that will best suit your body. You can keep track of your progress. Moreover, it doesn’t take up a lot of space so it can be placed anywhere in your home. It’s a home gym with a 32-inch Full HD touch screen, 30W speakers, and a sleek design. The VAHA S mirror is protected by a 2-year warranty.

5. Logitech Lift


Logitech has launched a new Lift vertical ergonomic mouse. It has a unique vertical design that offers day-long comfort and a natural grip. However, the most attractive feature of the Logitech Lift mouse is its small size. It places your hands in a natural posture so you can be relaxed while working. It is a perfect fit for small to medium hands, comes in multiple colors, and has an option for left-handed people as well.  Additionally, it has smooth scrolling modes, you can choose your shortcuts, and can easily switch between up to 3 devices. The Lift mouse is fast to connect, long-lasting, and requires a single AA battery.

6. Logitech Litra Glow

Tech Gadgets of Logitech Litra Glow
Logitech Litra Glow

We are not done with Logitech yet. Just when we were drooling over their Lift mouse, they have another innovative product to make our lives look more presentable. Since the world is not done with online classes, meetings, and conferences yet, it is better to look our best in video calls and meetings. Logitech’s Litra Glow is a frameless diffuser that emits soft white light to give a nice glow to your setting by removing shadows and illuminating the subject in focus.

Furthermore, it is not an ordinary light diffuser, it will not make you look like a creep with all the white light flashing on your face. Whether you are in an online meeting with colleagues, at an online conference presenting your academic paper, or are attending a much-needed session for essay writing help, Litra Glow has sensors to adapt the brightness according to different skin tones and adjusts the light accordingly.

In A Nutshell

With all new tech gadgets launching every year, it seems like technology has something for everyone. From robust mini drones to personal and smart fitness mirrors, we have discussed our favorite tech gadgets you can try out this year.

However, we are not done here as technology is yet to change our lives in ways that we have not even thought about up till now. There are many more gadgets to come out this year and in the upcoming years, so stay tuned for more.

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