How To Keep Your Hot Phone Cool And Working In A Heat Wave

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How to keep your hot phone cool and working in a heat wave

As we know that we stay in humidity, heat waves are common. We get so much heat in a day even if it is monsoon season. However, it affects human beings and also electronic devices. Especially, the smartphone that we use on a daily basis is affected by the heatwave. As we carry our smartphone everywhere with us, it is affected by the outer atmosphere. One must have to keep his phone cool for its proper functioning. We have to keep in mind that we are protected from this heat and other weather conditions, but not our mobile phones.

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Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Phone Cool From The Outer Heatwaves And Atmosphere

1. Try Keeping It Away From The Sun

As we roam out throughout the day, we are under the sun. It not only drains our energy but also the energy of a smartphone. The mobile phone starts to heat once we are in a high-temperature atmosphere. It can affect the battery health of the mobile phone. Your phone can get overheated just because it is another son. You could try keeping the mobile phone in a pocket while you are under the sun. Use your mobile phone only in closed spaces like home or office. This will help the mobile phone to control its overheating as it is not in a heated atmosphere.

2. Remove The Phone Case While Charging

As we charge a mobile phone we never remove the phone case. This is an important thing to do as a phone case and the mobile phone has no space to release the heat. All the heat released by the mobile phone gets stuck within the phone case itself. This heat can also spoil the health of your device. It is always advised that you take off the phone case before you put the device for charging. Of course, you will still feel that your mobile phone is getting a little later than usual while it is on charge. That is why you must avoid using it while it is charging. After your mobile phone has completed the charging process, you would wait for a few minutes and put back the phone case.

3. Leave Your Phone Alone For A Few Minutes Each Day

Your phone might also get tired because you use it the other day and night. The best thing to deal with the overheating issue can be to leave it alone for a while. Your phone might be screaming to self-isolate itself, but you might not be able to hear it. Only once it starts to show up with some random problems you will understand. Instead of constantly using your mobile phone, give it some alone time as well. You might want to switch off your device or turn it on in flight mode. This will also help you to control your smartphone usage and detox for a while. This process is the best to help your smartphone cool down.

4. Keeping Phone Cool By Using A Phone Cooler

There are phone cooling devices available in the market. You could buy one from Amazon or any other store around you. This will help your mobile phone to pull down within a few minutes. It is a quick process to pull down your device and start using it later. However, you must not rely completely on phone cooling devices as they are just for refreshment sick. If you have using your phone rigorously, the natural process of detox is the best. Leaving your phone alone for a few minutes can be the best decision. However, you could do the cooling process once in a while.

5. Do Not Overcharge Your Device

Overcharging is the meaning of overheating various devices. However, you must try that you do not over-stars are overhead your device. Maintain a regular charging pattern and do not use your mobile phone while it is on charging. We might keep a mobile phone on charge and go to sleep only to wake up to a fully charged yet heated phone. You must make a regular routine for the charging of your mobile phone so that it will last throughout the time you have been using it. Overcharging overheating will only it when the battery health over time. This situation might demand you to search for a mobile repair shop near you.


These are a few things that you could do to maintain the basic health of the battery and put away the heat. However, you could always try other ways to keep your phone cool that might seem convenient. The main goal is to provide your mobile phone with the basic atmosphere to maintain its health. Looking after the health of your mobile phone is what will help you to use the mobile phone for a longer time without any problem. As it quite might be quite frustrating if the mobile phone is performing very poorly and is not up to the mark.

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