How Food Biophysics And Healthy Eating Benefits Your Body

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different types of food used for analysis in food biophysics

The food industry is facing a great challenge these days. On how to create and produce foods that are of great health benefit. To address this issue on food and its complicated biological system, food biophysics research has been introduced, involving chemistry, biology, and engineering interwoven. In this research, they can study the structures, functions, and properties of food (both chemical and physical). If the researchers out there are ensuring we eat healthily. Then we should know that healthy food is paramount to our health.

Most times we tend to satisfy our cravings by eating what we feel like eating to the detriment of our health. Yes, these cravings can sometimes be crazy, especially for pregnant women and if we don’t satisfy this, it looks as if we are going to die. And some of these cravings often don’t sound healthy to the ears or our stomach. And sometimes, it’s not just our cravings, we just tend to salivate once we hear a name of a particular food or we perceive an aroma. But the question is, does all this food benefits our health? When eating anything, our health should be our priority.

Food Biophysics Research Benefits of Healthy Food

A healthy diet should contain all the major group of food which is vegetables, whole grains, fruits healthy fats and proteins (the lean type). Instead of going for foods that have a high amount of salt, sugar and trans fats or any misfit foods, why not replace them with a portion of highly nutritious food. In food biophysics, it has been discovered that following a balanced healthy diet gives you a well functioning heart, strong bones, freedom from diseases and an immune boost.

 Below, we are going to take look at how healthy food can be of great benefit to our health.

Benefits of Healthy Food on our health

A well functioning heart

Data shows that a high percentage of adults die due to various heart diseases in the United States. And these are caused by various issues like hypertension (high blood pressure). And this has caused various heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. Well-conducted research has shown that almost all heart diseases can be prevented. If we choose to eat healthily and do physical exercise. Eating a lot of food doesn’t make you healthy rather, what type of food components makes up the food should be your goal.

Food biophysics has made us understand that eating a lot of fibre is crucial to keeping our heart healthy as it helps in improving blood cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of obesity, stroke and type-2 diabetes. Moreso, reduction of fats intake and total elimination of trans fat reduces the risk of lipoprotein cholesterol. This type of cholesterol blocks the arteries leading to increased heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, intake of salt should be reduced as it leads to high blood pressure. Don’t be surprised that the best food in town especially processed food or fast foods contains a larger amount of salt, so you need to caution yourself on this.

Reduction In Weight

Maintaining a moderate weight is a very great task to achieve. If this is followed strictly can be of a great benefit to our health. You need to stop foods that increase size to prevent chronic heart disease, low bone density and type 2 diabetes. To eat healthily, you need to replace processed food with vegetables, beans and fruit.

To maintain and manage your weight, eat food content that is high in fibre especially. Eating foods that are majorly plants helps to keep you from hunger for a very long time as it contains high fibre.

With various researches conducted in food biophysics, high fibre and lean protein intake. It helps to maintain your weight without stressing yourself about the number of calories you have taken in.

Prevent Dementia

Based on research, eating healthy food or diet can help improve brain health and also maintain cognition. The type of food we eat will affect the overall health and function of our brain. Some foods and nutrients have proven to help protect against dementia and cognitive decline. Nutrients like vitamin C, D, E and omega-3 fatty acids can be of great benefit to brain function and health. Likewise food like fish and those rich in polyphenols and flavonoids can also help. To help maintain concentration all through the day the brain needs enough supply of fuel. Which can be derived from diets that can boost the brain. If you want to maintain a healthy brain then watch what you eat and be intentional about your daily diet.

Healthy Bones And Teeth

To keep healthy strong bones and teeth is very important to take diets that have enough magnesium and calcium. Failure to keep your bones healthy can lead to bone-related issues such as osteoporosis. But with healthy bones, such risk can be avoided or minimised. Legumes, broccoli, cabbage, low-fat dairy products and cauliflower are some examples of foods that are rich in calcium which can help with keeping strong bones. While sources like whole grain, green vegetables, seeds and nuts are best for magnesium intake.  

Bottom Line

Food biophysics is research based on both physical and chemical studies of food as a means to help provide healthy food. Eating healthy food has a lot to do with your health. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet if you want to prevent disease and stay healthy. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer by eating foods that contain antioxidants. Food is an important part of every living creature for growth, strength and more. But as humans, not everything we eat is good for our health. That is the reason why being careful and intentional about what we eat and drink. If you have related or similar articles, we want you to get in touch with us as you can also write for us.

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