Wolf Webster: The Name That Did Not Stick!

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wolf webster

At last, the moment has come! The secret is now out. Kylie Jenner has revealed the new name she and Travis Scott plan to give their child, previously known as Wolf Webster. Jenner made the announcement on her Instagram account.

Dating History Of Wolf Webster Parents

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott began dating in April 2017. Six months later, in February 2018, they became parents to a daughter named Stormi. Kylie’s full name is Kylie Jean Jenner Scott. The final decision to end their on-again, off-again romance was made in September 2019. Despite the fact that they were no longer a couple, they continued to have a close bond and were seen spending time together several times after their split. They were able to maintain their relationship on an amicable basis while continuing to share parental responsibilities for their child.

In an exclusive interview, Kylie and Travis said they made an effort to “keep their relationship status a secret.” However, a new report released on August 20, 2021, indicates that Kylie and Travis are expecting another child together. Making it likely that this will be a challenge in the future. They were lucky enough to welcome a new child into the world in February 2022.

Wolf Webster

On February 2, Kylie, 25, and Travis, 31, became parents for the second time. Their first child, Stormi Webster, was already 4 years old at that time. They welcomed their baby boy on 2nd February 2022 and decided to name him Wolf Webster. According to reports, the boy has been given the name Jacques as his middle name, which is his father’s birth name.

In January 2023, it was revealed that the couple had separated for the second time. According to a source, “Kylie and Travis are no longer together. They had planned to spend Christmas together, but Kylie jetted off to Aspen instead to spend time with her family and friends.”

“This has happened so many times in the past; it’s common knowledge that they are sometimes more together and sometimes less. But they always remain friends and are wonderful companions.”

Big Sister Love

A source said in an exclusive interview with Life & Style after the birth of the new baby that Stormi is already a natural when it comes to the role of big sister. Speaking about the priceless bond between the two, the source said, “She’s extremely in love with him and very protective of him.”

You should have seen the look of joy on Stormi’s face when she first saw him.

“Travis took a lot of beautiful pictures of Stormi showering her brother with kisses and holding him for the first time.” Travis is now having those photos framed so he can put them up in the baby’s room.

Wolf Webster To Aire Webster

On Saturday, January 21, Kylie, who is now 25, captioned an Instagram picture “Aire” The post included a photo of her cuddling her newborn son. According to nameberry.com, the meaning of the name “Aire” is “Lion of God” However, the mother of two did not reveal the inspiration for her son’s name.

The former “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” member, who is now 24, had startled her fans on March 21 by announcing that the newborn’s name was inappropriate.

Kylie Jenner announced her son’s name change on her Instagram story, writing, “FYI, his name is no longer Wolf Webster.” “We just were not under the impression that he was. I felt compelled to post this because I kept coming across references to Wolf.

The beauty entrepreneur and rapper initially wanted to name their baby boy Wolf Webster, but then changed their minds and chose a different name for their child. And the winner is (drum roll please)…. Aire Webster.

On January 21, Kylie not only revealed her baby’s name in an Instagram post. But also released some highly anticipated photos of her new addition. There was a picture of Kylie carrying Aire on her hip, a picture of him wearing a hat and sitting on a sofa, and a picture of him wearing a bib and sitting in a high chair with food on his face. All of these photos were provided.

The Tweet

The tweet was met with much love from Aire Webster’s family and friends, including a comment from Kris Jenner saying “I love you, Aire Webster”

Since the birth of her baby, the reality star spoke openly with her fans and followers about how “the postpartum period was not easy”. She also said that this passage was “a little bit harder” than the period after the birth of her daughter Stormi.

In a video uploaded on March 15, Kylie said it’s “not easy psychologically, physically or spiritually.” “It’s just crazy, and yeah, I didn’t want to just go back to life without saying that because? for other moms going through this right now, we can go on the Internet, and it may look a lot easier to other people, and put the pressure on us, but for me, it wasn’t easy,” she said. “It’s just crazy, and yes, I didn’t want to just go back to life without saying that, because? for other moms going through this right now

However, she assured those who followed her that “it’s OK not to be OK.” She also encouraged the other moms she knew to be gentle with themselves. Kylie continued, “I put pressure on myself and just kept telling myself that I gave birth to a full human being – a beautiful, healthy child.” “And we need to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be back after the delivery, not even physically, but just emotionally.”

Bottom Line

Wolf Webster is now Aire Webster, and the secret is out.

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