Tridle: A Fun Word Game to Boost Your Vocabulary

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tridle a fun word game

Do you have an extensive vocabulary? Or looking for a perfect way to boost your word knowledge? If your answer is yes, we recommend you play word games. Word games like Tridle, Dordle, and Quordle can take you back to memory lane and make you feel nostalgic. Plus, from boosting your vocabulary to reducing stress, and improving knowledge, word games offer a lot of benefits. Further, they offer a full dose of entertainment and fun to entertain and engage the audience.


The Internet is loaded with a plethora of word-guessing games that can put your brain to the test. One such game is Tridle which is the newly launched Wordle spin-off. It is a one-stop game to quench your thirst for a perfect word-guessing game. The game is neither too hard nor too easy, making it perfect for people from all walks of life—teens, adults, or seniors. That’s not all!

In this complete blog, we have mentioned the overview, game rules, and many other details about Tridle. So, without waiting further, let’s dive in.

An Overview of Tridle Game

Wordle is one of the most popular web-based word games played by millions of people across the globe. There are many versions of Wordle available on the web. One such Wordle spin-off is Tridle. As the name implies, Tridle is described as a triple Wordle that comes with one additional grid, thereby having a higher difficulty level than Dordle.

Also sometimes called Wordle3, Tridle is the best game to cater to the needs of players who find Dordle easy and Quordle a harder version of Wordle. In other words, Tridle lies between Dordle and Quordle where you need to solve 3 grids.

Just like Wordle, you need to discover 5-letter words in Tridle. Needless to mention, there are three different grids that you need to solve in 8 or fewer guesses. There are 3 hidden words each having a separate grid that works exactly like a traditional Wordle grid. The rules of the game are the same as that of Wordle.

Where to Play Tridle?

Just like other versions of Wordle like Quordle, Octordle, and Absurdle, there is no official app for Tridle also. You can only play the game by visiting the official website. You can access the website from any device including your phone, tablet, or PC. However, make sure to have strong internet connectivity to enjoy the game without any interruptions.

What Do Colors Mean in Tridle?

While playing Tridle, you will come across three different colors each having its own relevance in the game. Keep reading the blog to know the meaning of every color.

  • Green Color: A green color means that the letter is in the correct position and is present in the secret word. In other words, green-colored letters are correct.
  • Yellow Color: A yellow-colored tile suggests that the letter is present in the hidden word but in a different position. To solve this issue, you can shift its position in the next try to find the right tile. A yellow-colored tile is partially correct.
  • Black Color: A black-colored letter indicates that it is an incorrect letter and is not present in the secret word. A black-colored tile is completely wrong.

Tips to Play Tridle Like a Pro

At first glance, there are chances that you may get confused by seeing three different grids.

However, these grids are nothing more than representatives of a simple, fun, and original Wordle game that you’ve already mastered.

All you need to do is follow the tips listed below.

  • Once you’re on Tridle’s homepage, put your brain to exercise and think of the word that can help you get closer to 3 secret words. Please note you have to complete the game in just 8 chances. Make your every move count. Have adequate patience and don’t make a move without considering hints.
  • Another essential tip to consider while playing Tridle is to understand and use the hints featured on the on-site keyboard carefully. As mentioned earlier in the article, if any letter is in the right place, it will turn green. If it is correct but in the incorrect place, it will turn yellow. And in case it is not present in the word, it will turn black. Take a close look at these hints to narrow down the possibilities.
  • At the start of the game, look for a combination of letters that appear in all three grids. This can give you useful hints about the other words.
  • Just like other puzzle games, practice, and persistence are keys to getting ahead of Tridle. The more you play, the higher your chances of identifying word patterns, and getting success in the game.

So, are you ready to accept the game challenge? Want to test your brain and vocabulary skills? If yes, make sure to play Tridle.

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