How To Use SMS Marketing For Restaurants

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Any small business may benefit from text message marketing, but tiny, family-run restaurants that wish to expand their clientele on a budget should give it a try. Below, I demonstrate Bulk SMS marketing for restaurants and explain why it’s a smart move even in this day and age when other forms of advertising seem to rule the market.

Benefits of SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Everyone has access to it

Bulk SMS is ideal for you if your restaurant has recently launched or you run a family business that can’t afford to spend a lot of money on marketing. The majority of marketing strategies, such as printed fliers or advertisements, are more expensive than restaurant SMS marketing.

It has a wider audience

You won’t be able to contact as many individuals as you might with an efficient text message marketing approach if you restrict yourself to, for instance, email marketing. This is due to the fact that email marketing is dependent on several factors, such as having access to the internet, modern technology, a data plan on a mobile phone, etc. People just need a phone, not even a smartphone, and especially not one with an internet connection, in order to receive Bulk SMS. It is now simpler for you to increase the scope of your marketing initiatives.

Results are accessible right away

Did you know that within the first three minutes of being sent, 90% of text message marketing texts are read? Consider sending a link to your online menu along with an offer that includes a 20% discount code for customers to use when placing orders. In less than ten minutes, someone may open it and place an order.

Customer loyalty has increased

Create appealing communications with frequent Bulk SMS transmissions of special offers. They will entice customers to return to your restaurant again to take advantage of the deals. That’s how easy it is!

It has flexibility

Flexibility is one of text message marketing’s key selling qualities. Choose carefully what you want to communicate when coming up with a Bulk SMS marketing plan, whether it’s a special menu item, a deal, a coupon code, or even information about your business.

Best Practices for SMS Marketing in the Restaurant Sector

Use it just when you have something significant to communicate

Although it might be tempting, sending your consumers a tonne of texts can instantly turn them off. Nobody wants to get brand notifications more frequently than messages from their pals.  Save Bulk SMS for more “urgent” things like a “get it while it’s hot” deal and use email for messages that are lengthier or less time-sensitive.

Request authorization before texting clients

Don’t send consumers promotional communications if they haven’t agreed to receive them, I can’t stress this enough. Additionally, pay particular attention to the language you choose while composing the communications they will receive.  Say, for instance, that you promise to send them notifications about discounts. If so, you’ll be forced to send only that kind of message; you won’t be allowed to send other kinds, such news or menu announcements.

Make communications brief

Don’t exceed the 160-character restriction while sending a promotional text message. Even if lengthier messages may be sent on newer phones, users do not expect to read an entire tale when they receive a Bulk SMS from a brand. Keep it brief and sweet.

Customize your messages

A little personalization may go a long way in making a consumer feel unique, even if you use bulk SMS marketing. Even calling them by their first names would be sufficient.

Provide users with an opt-out option

No matter where you set your opt-in CTA, it must be accompanied by a clear opt-out choice. Include a link to unsubscribe when individuals receive their first text message from you after opting in.

Restaurant SMS Marketing: 6 Powerful Ideas

Let’s now examine some SMS marketing strategies that are effective for eateries.

Distribute coupon codes

A brief text message with a discount code is the best method to get someone’s attention. If the restaurant texting system you’re using permits it, customize the code with their initials to give it a surprise factor they’ll love.

Send happy birthday greetings and a nice gift

Send your customers a unique text greeting on their special day if you are aware of their birthdays. Wish them a happy birthday and give them a gift, such as a free dessert, a meal discount, or a bottle of champagne.

Promote placing a second order

Send consumers who have made their first online purchase a message offering a discount on their subsequent purchases to convert one-time purchasers into repeat customers. They’ll probably place another order and closely monitor any upcoming specials.

Stop shopping cart abandonment

Some consumers decide to cancel their order in the middle, leaving their cart empty with little prospect of them returning to complete it. By implementing Bulk SMS marketing for restaurants, you can stop that. Sending them a note asking them to finish their order will help you recover those missed sales.

Reactivate clients who haven’t placed an order in a while

It isn’t easy to cultivate client loyalty. Some of your repeat clients may have started to go, as you may have seen. Finding them and making an effort to win them back will cost you less money than trying to draw in new clients. So, when you see them starting to wander away, send them a specific Bulk SMS offer.  To your customers who place orders online, send automated SMS messages. Activate one of our premade campaigns, relax, and let Autopilot take over.

Construct an entertaining contest

Create competitions or freebies that are only available to your SMS subscribers to keep things interesting and spicier. They may be intricate, prolonged, and come with a substantial payout. They could, however, happen instantly.

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