Custom Seasonal Gift Boxes for Different Occasions

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Custom Seasonal Gift Boxes

The holiday period is near. You may consider Custom Seasonal Gift Boxes as a way of showing someone that they are unique to you. It is easy with custom boxes. Put together the box with some tissue paper, fill it up with gifts, and gift it to your loved ones.

How to Customize Seasonal Gift Boxes Wholesale

Today, we are going over a few methods to customize Seasonal Gift Boxes Wholesale. First off, the overall box size should be slightly larger than the item you are planning on the packaging. It must have enough room for a label.

We recommend 1/2 inch to an inch of space around what you are packaging inside of this box. It is also best to have a plastic sleeve over your labels. It does not smudge from humidity and other factors.

This plastic sleeve will also protect your labels from damage due to dirt and other impurities in the air. A cheap alternative would be placing one layer of tissue paper under the label to the box.

The next step would be the process of putting your item inside the box and trying to adjust it. So, it looks as lovely as possible. You can either include a small amount of filler such as shredded paper or kraft paper, tissue papers, plastic wrappings, etc.  

If you were planning on doing something like this for a gift, adding decorative decorations such as bows, ribbons, flowers made of tissue paper will also make it more presentable.

There are many different boxes you could use for the outside of yours if you wanted to do this sort of thing. Depending on what you are packaging inside, you can go with standard brown kraft boxes or any other color.  

You could also go with glossy black boxes, white boxes, etc. There are plenty of types to select from. It depends on your taste and what you want the finished product to look like when it gets shipped to the customer.

Improve Your Present Look with Custom Printed Gift Boxes

How you customize these or any other type of packages depends on how much effort you would like to make. If you would like them made specifically for your brand, using Custom Printed Gift Boxes tends to be the cheapest method available.  

Printing of the packaging boxes is an integral part of product marketing. It creates a strong visual impression on consumers and provides help in advertising. The Cardboard box printing sounds with your customer about:

  •         What products need to be included within the box
  •         Any specific instructions to follow while packing

Plain Boxes are not enough for a good display. They must be further decorated by including logos, images, or texts that enhance your overall image. Display plays a vital role. You must touch your printing partner. If you do not have this relationship, quality will suffer badly.

Custom Seasonal Gift Boxes are designed to work with a specific holiday or event. A famous example of this is the Hanukkah gift packaging box, which works well for Jewish holidays and occasions.

A great example of Custom Seasonal Gift boxes is the Valentine’s Day gift boxes. They come in many sizes and shapes.

Companies offer different materials such as:

  1. Premium matte paperboard
  2. Corrugated plastic
  3. Clear plastic
  4. Silver plastic  (for weddings)
  5. White stretch film
  6. Transparent stretch film


In addition, you can also select the color of the Seasonal Gift Boxes Wholesale you’d like to use. For instance, if you are looking for a present or an item designed for wedding gifts (such as unique wedding favor boxes ), go for white stretch film.

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