How Technology Is Transforming Marketing Videos Concept?

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The Internet has changed the dynamics of almost everything around us. Advanced digital marketing video techniques have been introduced to create compelling videos. The attention span of a consumer is not more than 8 seconds. This requires the marketers to create something compelling to grab the attention of the viewers.

This will make the business reach its potential consumers avoiding any unnecessary traffic. Video content is reaching a new level of success. It is estimated that 86% of companies are using videos for marketing. There are various techniques to create videos that make businesses stand out in the competition.

Let Us Look At The Marketing Video Insights

It was estimated that 43 % of consumers engaged with video content. YouTube and Netflix seem to be the most watched video on demand platforms as they are the source of video content. Consumption is massive because of the increased use of mobile phones. The role of technology in marketing can be understood by the consumption of video content.

Video content consumption acquires second place. Various platforms see more engagement when video content is shared. Tweets get 10 times more shares when video content is used. The number of people watching video content on Pinterest is billions. Moreover, marketers have decided to use video content on LinkedIn.

SEO holds a lot of importance when it comes to content. The content can be of any type. The practice that is widely being used today in SEO is including video content. It increases the customer acquisition cost. Marketers believe that it helps in generating leads as well.

The video seems to be the boosting factor for the promotion of a business. It dominates the entire customer buying journey. Marketers can analyze the response easily.

Mobile users can get easily attracted to the video content. According to Statista, 77% of people use their mobile phones to watch content. On the other hand, Facebook also confirms the increased use of mobile. Facebook estimates that 1.5% of people will watch videos on a smartphone.

Therefore video that are knowledge-based videos, customer support videos, and story videos is some that are consumed every day. Influencer marketing has also risen as a result. It has grown tremendously. It grew from $9.7 billion to $16.4 from the years 2020 to 2022.

Various Channels To Deliver Video Content

Companies can use various channels to deliver video content to the audience.

1. Immersive Virtual Content

Technology has brought a lot of innovation in content creation. One of the most used technology these days is the Metaverse. It is creating a virtual environment. It is not just limited to video games. Businesses are now using NFTs with their products to increase the reach of the business.

2. The Rise Of 360-Degree Video

Many brands now on virtual reality equipment to produce compelling content. This requires them to acquire drones so that the video becomes unique. Shooting a 360-degree video will also require specialized hardware.

3. Using New Social Platforms

Social media is evolving day by day. Various new platforms are being introduced to increase the reach of the platform. Going along with social media is necessary to keep up with the business. Consumer behavior has changed these days. Short videos are liked and consumed by large audiences. Short videos must be created and released as a reel.

These reels on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and multiple channels are liked and consumed massively. Moreover, now YouTube also has its YouTube shorts. These platforms are evolving and it is evident that video content is being liked by a large audience.

4. Emergence of Hologram

As time is passing, science fiction is becoming reality. Things that were considered to be untrue or unreal are now getting manufactured. Video content will also reach new heights of success in the future. Hologram live video transmission is on its way to reaching the business and its consumers. One such service is a holo presence which is transforming businesses. It is being used in corporate meetings and gatherings and provides a whole new experience.

5. Virtual And Hybrid Events

XR content received popularity after the arrival of the coronavirus. Live video presentations are required by every business. Sophisticated video presentations are being used for marketing.

Final Thoughts

Video content will continue to dominate the world. Just like machine learning, Advertising has also changed with the advent of technology. Businesses are focusing more on video content to improve their marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns have become more personalized. More and more platforms are allowing the consumption of video content. Businesses are using videos in their marketing to take advantage of emerging technology.

The emergence of technology has made it an integral part of our lives. It has changed the way we do things and the way we communicate. It is the same for marketing. Marketing videos have made the concept of marketing more meaningful. With this notion in mind, here are three ways that technology is transforming the way of marketing that you should be aware of: The concept of marketing is evolving.

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