Insider On Facebook Touch Application – Things You Must Know About

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insider on the facebook touch app

Facebook Touch is very addictive, just like the normal Facebook application. At least one million users open their Facebook accounts daily. Hence, Facebook generates revenue every day. This prompts the organization to improve its services often. Additionally, Facebook set up Facebook Touch 12 years ago to create a more advanced app.

A Brief Introduction To Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch is built for people with touchscreen phones. It is just a Facebook application, but with more advanced features. This application has a fantastic user interface. It can also work on any mobile phone operating system. If you want to experience a different application, then try it today.

Also, Facebook Touch has a quicker response time than the Facebook application. Likewise, Facebook Touch’s displays are better when compared to the usual Facebook application. Another advantage of the Touch version is that it works fine even if your internet lags.

Facebook Application And Facebook Touch Comparison

A major difference between these two applications is the web address. The typical facebook address doesn’t have the word ‘touch’ in it. Whereas, Facebook Touch has the word ‘touch’ in the web address. Hence, both applications don’t have similar website addresses.

Another dissimilarity is the quality of graphics shown on both apps. Its display and images are of excellent quality, unlike the Facebook Application. Nonetheless, the usual Facebook app has fewer characteristics than the Touch version.

Besides, the Facebook Application consumes more data than this application, although Touch has additional valuable qualities.

Other Differences

In addition, the Touch version is made for smartphone users. The reason is that the creators noticed that when users open Facebook on smartphones, its resolution decreases. Hence, the need to create an application with better features became paramount. This gave birth to the existence of Facebook Touch. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this application has more cutting-edge functions than normal Facebook.

Download Tips

It isn’t possible to download Facebook Touch to your device straight from the application store. Even if you search the store, you won’t find it. The Application Store will only show you a different Facebook Application and other related applications.

So the best thing is to go online to find the APK file and then download the file. Upon completion of the download, the installation is the next step. Afterward, you can put in your username and password. Then you are good to go. Enjoy a Facebook browsing experience that offers high-quality graphics.

Steps To A Successful Installation Process

The following steps will successfully guide you on how to install the application.

  • Change permission control: Change your phone’s permission settings to allow unknown app installation. That is, allow your phone to install applications from unknown sources, otherwise, the phone will reject the file installation.
  • Search for the Application online: Go online and type ‘download Facebook Touch’ inside the Google search box.
  • Select a suitable APK file: Google will show you different Facebook Touch APK files available. Your phone type will determine the APK file you’ll download. If your gadget uses the iOS operating system, choose an iOS APK file. But if you use an Android phone, pick an android APK file.
  • Download the file: After selecting your file type, proceed to download. The system will complete the necessary download process. Note, before you start the download, ensure you’ve got stable internet. It will even be better if you have access to Wi-Fi because using Wi-Fi will conserve your data.
  • File Installation: Your mobile device will alert you once it finishes downloading. Thereafter, proceed to install the file by selecting the install button. Then wait for the system to finish the process.
  • Open the Touch application after installation: You’ll receive a notification once the installation is complete. Test the app by opening the touch application. Enter your Facebook password and username, and sign in.

Characteristics of The Touch Version of Facebook

Due to users’ demands for a seamless browsing experience, the brand launched the Touch application for its users. The application has the following features:

  • No browsing interruption, even if your internet connection is slow.
  • Touch is more developed and satisfactory than normal Facebook.
  • A no-hassle browsing experience for users and an interface without any flaws.
  • Users can view content in large dimensions.
  • The width of content users can put up is unlimited.
  • High-resolution displays that load at a rapid speed. This means that Touch loads a huge amount of data at a faster rate.
  • The application chat screen is very good.
  • It is not difficult to operate for beginners.
  • The application has both web and application versions.
  • Easy to access Facebook groups and pages. Additionally, these accessibilities are more developed and inclusive.

Does It Have Limitations?

Yes, Facebook Touch has its limitations. Even though there are many benefits of using the app, it has disadvantages too. They are:

  • Difficulty in switching from normal Facebook to Facebook Touch: Those who are used to regular Facebook may feel that it is slightly hard and inconvenient to use it. They are already accustomed to the normal app, so switching to a new app may not be easy.
  • There is a desktop APK file for it: However, this version may not be as seamless as the desktop version of normal Facebook. Besides, there are better touchscreen Facebook apps that have been introduced to the market.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages of using Facebook Touch are not as serious as it seems. Moreover, the advantages of using this application far outweigh its disadvantages.


Lastly, Facebook Touch is an app that is designed to make users comfortable. This can be seen by the ‘turn off notifications’ features because many users get annoyed by too many notifications. Also, you can enable the direct message function through the Facebook Messenger application. However, you need to download the messenger app before enjoying this service. This is one of the disadvantages of using this app. Still, the benefits of using Facebook Touch are more than any inconveniences caused.

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