5 Simple Ways to Convert Your Visitors into Customers

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Convert Your Visitors into Customers

If you’re paying hundreds of dollars in paid promotions and advertisements through either social or print media, you must expect a great traffic inflow, right?

Well, that huge traffic inflow might be good for your website SEO, yet if it does not convert into a potent customer base, then it is all futile.

So, what steps can you take to make sure that the majority of traffic that visits your website or page turns into a strong customer base?

We have discussed a few tried-and-tested practices that companies across the globe have benefited from over the past couple of years in converting their visitors into customers.

Let’s take a brief walk through 5 simple ways below:

The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether your website even caters to the visitors well enough or not.

This is because, according to studies conducted in recent years, webpages that take more than several seconds longer to load or show specific features, lose around 53% of the mobile internet users. Why?

The simplest explanation provided by experts regarding this finding is that users have less and less time as we progress towards a future where accessibility is prioritized the most.

For this reason, when visitors on your website see that certain features are not working ‘speedily enough’ then they tend to lose interest. And this is exactly where your website loses the chance to convince a visitor to stay a bit longer, so they can eventually consider purchasing a product or engaging with other content you provided.

This is why experts suggest that you need to have a smooth functioning website so that visitors do not run away right after entering your website and seeing how ‘bad’ it performs.

So, you better work on your website performance and functionality to avoid losing potential customers.

  • Content Marketing Should Not Be Done Just for the Sake of It!

As a brand owner, you should not just produce blogs, articles, and other content just because others are winning in the game because of that.

Rather, you should take it even more seriously and set your priorities right first. For example, if you have a skincare brand that targets young girls between the ages of 16 to 25, then the colors of your website to the terminology you use should be decided according to that.

This is known as ‘taking your audience seriously.’ For this particular reason, we suggest that you should create engaging content for your visitors.

This engaging content can be the reason why your visitors stay longer at your website. During that period that they stay, the chances of them checking out other features become higher.

For example, if you have a skincare brand, you can post blogs with interactive content i.e. tutorials showing how to get rid of dark circles and pimples.

These aspects can make your content even more engaging and can provide further reasons for your visitors to develop an interest in your website. This can further enable a speedy conversion process, which is why you should take this advice seriously.

  • Offering ‘Free’ Products/Services Can Work Like a Charm!

Many experts believe that offering your visitors ‘free’ things for a sign-up or a small purchase can actually drive a faster conversion process.

For example, if I published a book that can help aspiring vloggers to understand the basics of their field, then many would want to read it, right?

By making the first two to three chapters free for them, I can actually get many visitors to sign up on my website. AND, if they like the content, that can serve as a convincing factor for them to purchase my book eventually.

This is how making products and services partially free can work like a charm and you should definitely try doing it.

Even if you don’t have a book, you can make this advice for any product or service you might be offering. Let’s suppose that you have a fitness club. By making a few videos free for ‘trial versions’ can help you convert many of your visitors into a steady customer base.

  • Did you get Any Testimonials? USE THEM!

If you have had customers of your brand that might speak well on your behalf, then you should definitely use their reviews and testimonials on your website like your shiny trophies.

You should try to make your Testimonials section attractive and ‘accessible’ so that the visitors can see them easily without having to look for them.

Try to put them on the front page, so even if the visitor is not looking for them, he can still see it and be informed of what a great company you have. This might push them to know your brand a little better.

  • How About Some Courtesy?

Try to thank your visitor at every step. Don’t wait for them to purchase a product or service from you to say, ‘thank you’.

For example, if a visitor has come to your website to download a picture or a video, put up a thank you card there, so they know that you value them even when they are not your customers.

This can show a very good image of your brand to your visitors. Even if they might not purchase from you, they might mention it to someone else and that might get you some customers.

Lastly, these pages can keep your visitor engaged and this is why we suggest that you incorporate them at different steps on your website.

Trying these top 5 tips to convert your visitors into customers can really work and this is why we encourage all our readers to adopt them and see how it goes.

If one tip does not work, you can try another one, which we are sure will work for any brand, if implemented with proper thought and precision.

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