How Does Metaverse Or Augmented Reality Relate To Artificial Intelligence?

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Augmented Reality Or Artificial Intelligence

You have to be living under a rock to not have heard the term ‘metaverse’ or ‘Augmented Reality’. It seemed like it was only yesterday that the tech genius, billionaire, and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced his most prized project and named it metaverse. Back in October 2021 at the time it gained a lot of attention and garnered a lot of positive responses. The influence of the metaverse was so much so that soon society was divided. Whether this step by Zuckerberg was a progressive step into the future or a worse version of the reality that already exists.

Many people believed that metaverse was a project that might be able to retain attention for the next couple of months, of folks from the software development industry. Who understood technical terminologies and the work behind them. However, when it comes to the majority of the non-IT population, people believed that just like every other celebrity news or scandal. This too would fade away until something better came along. However, as time tells us today, only the contrary happened. People literally cannot stop talking about the metaverse and its impact on those who have already familiarised themselves with the same.

Metaverse Or Augmented Reality; All You Need To Know About It

The Origin Of The Metaverse Or Augmented Reality

The term metaverse was devised by famous writer Neal Stephenson. Who used it to describe a euphoric future that was used as a recreational site by the ostentatiously wealthy class of society. To escape from the hustle and bustle. However, it was Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook who gave essence and soul to the term, back in 2021.

The popularity of the metaverse wasn’t based on luck or simply on the fact that people had nothing better to talk about. It was based upon the fact that the thousands of developers behind it worked tirelessly. To deliver the product which was the brainchild of Zuckerberg. The entire meta team achieved something in reality. That people believed could only be achieved in the fictional works of Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg.

What Exactly is Metaverse Or Augmented Reality?

Staying true to the literal meaning of its name. Zuckerberg devised the metaverse in such a way that it acted as a fictional reality for people entering it. Metaverse in itself is a whole different world own, complete with marketplaces, trading in different commodities, real estate, population, recreational activities, educational institutions, ns, etc. Zuckerberg gave people a chance to escape their reality and enter into a more glorified version of the same.

The key difference is that even the slightest of events and details in the meta version can and are controlled and created by the user itself. Other than recreation, the metaverse also provides a sense of control to its users that often becomes difficult to find in the real world.

What Composes Metaverse?

Metaverse essentially stands on millions of lines of code. They are constantly monitored by hundreds of developers to avoid errors and crashes. However, the main phenomenon that drives the metaverse is Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Let us get an in-depth knowledge of what the two are and how they affect the metaverse.

What Is Augmented Reality (AI)?

Ai is an abbreviated version of artificial intelligence. The name itself is quite literal. Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence that is fed into machines, via humans, or artificially, giving it its name. Machines that operate with artificial intelligence, have a better understanding of complex situations. Because they can take into account the emotional quotient involved with the same. Many say that artificial intelligence is human’s attempt to give a personal touch to machines and make them easy to digest by us.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AR)?

AR stands for augmented reality, which is a process of integrating a user’s digital information with their environment all in real-time only. The primary difference between AR and VR (virtual reality) is that the latter creates a fixed reality that the user may experience. No matter the decisions they take, the future experience would remain the same.

However, when it comes to the former, reality and its perception are constantly changing. What a person witnesses in the future are determined by the choices they make. The sophisticated integration of virtual as well as physical reality is what makes a better and a notch above VR.

How Are AI And AR Blended Into The Metaverse?

To claim that metaverse is dependent upon either of two, more than the other would be a false claim. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality not only understand their user. But also interact with each other in a language far too sophisticated and complex for ordinary machines. To provide every single one of its million users an experience so unique. They carry it with them for a lifetime.

How Do AI And AR Interact With Each Other In The Metaverse?

The entire point of the metaverse is to make the user’s experience more pleasurable and enjoyable. What better way to do so, than by letting the user decide. What they wish to see and in what form? To achieve this metaverse uses AI to garner input from users in the form of texts, images, videos, etc. It then interacts with AR to help develop a reality in the metaverse that is synonymous with the inputs given. As a result, the user’s choices are honored and bought to life.

While there are still certain drawbacks and kinks that are to be worked out. Metaverse even in its current stage has achieved something that could only be claimed as a figment of imagination not too long ago. It has not only set a benchmark standard in the field of software development but has also promised that this is not the result but rather the commencement of a journey into a more advanced and complex mechanism with limitless potential and promises.


Whether these promises are fulfilled in the future and the expectations of the general audience are met is a tale only time can tell. But one thing is for sure, no matter the development that the metaverse goes through. Augmented Reality Or Artificial Intelligence both are going to be a vital part of the same.

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