Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin In India

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It was a sigh of relief for many crypto traders and buyers when the Supreme Court of India uplifted the ban imposed by RBI earlier. Very soon India experienced an investment boom from the traders and investors who were eyeing their luck on the crypto market. This stupendous rise did not only result in the emergence of many international cryptocurrency exchanges in India but also paved the way for many trade markets and domestic cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Investors and buyers need to opt for a better exchange platform to safely execute their crypto trading. So today, we bring you a list of some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency in India.


Starting with Coinswitch, it is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges having a vast number of cryptocurrencies to its users for choosing any of them. Being one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinswitch carries around more than 100 cryptocurrencies. This exchange platform ensures its users for easy to use to make newbie investors feel at ease while going for procedures. A transaction fee of 0.49% is charged by Coinswitch. 

Coin switch Kuber is another version of Coinswitch exchange. This platform is known to be user-friendly and comprises the app on the Android and Apple stores as well. It benefits its users in conducting transactions via credit/debit cards and with fiat currencies.

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Coming on to another one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India is Paxful. This exchange is a P2P (peer to peer) marketplace where trading of Bitcoin is possible. But you will be surprised to know about the wide popularity of altcoins like Litecoin and Ethereum among the crypto community. Here transactions of users are secured by keeping their Bitcoins in the escrow till the completion of the transaction is done. 

Apart from all this, Paxful has also built trust among the traders and users in pointing out authentic sellers. Although this exchange platform is quite popular in the Bitcoin community, it has not come up to the mark for investors in the diversification of their investments in other cryptocurrencies. For the first five transactions, Paxful offers zero transaction fees to its customers, but after that, a fee of $1 USD is charged on every transaction of 1 percent. 


Created in December 2017, BitBNS is the foundation of a crypto enthusiast who happens to be an IIT alumnus too. Ranked among the top cryptocurrency exchanges, BitBNS enables its users in borrowing assets to raise chances of gaining profit. This exchange platform has even come up with a stop-limit order to let users lower their losses when they trade on it. BitBNS comprise the number of cryptocurrencies, helping its users to choose any of the cryptocurrencies with no need of switching trading platform. 


Devesh Aggarwal, Shivam Thakral, and Atulya Bhatt are the names that are behind the existence of the BuyUCoin cryptocurrency exchange in June 2016. Very soon it garnered much following support from crypto enthusiasts and investors too.


So these are some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Bitcoin in India. Well, there are many other cryptocurrency exchanges like Zebpay, WazirX, Unocoin, CoinDCX, Colodax, Giottus, etc. Find more about them on crypto websites like Cryptoknowmics. It is the best platform to search for any crypto topics related to any cryptocurrency exchange, digital currencies, crypto wallets, Bitcoin faucets, cryptocurrency ETF, and more. So if you are a true crypto-enthusiast then sign up quickly on this website and start your crypto exploration by getting the latest crypto updates, news, upcoming events, blockchain development, price rise, or fall, and market status.

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