Sarai Burgos: All You Need To Know About Bernice Burgos’s Daughter

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Born in 1980, Bernice Burgos is a famous American model. Apart from being a great model, social media star, and entrepreneur, Bernice Burgos is a proud mother of two kids: Ashley Burgos and Sarai Burgos. She started her career as a bartender and waitress. However, later she started modeling in her mid-20s. She has even appeared on TV shows like MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. Apart from modeling, she is a famous social media celebrity and businesswoman. Bernice is quite famous for her bold image and youthful looks. She is a 42-year-old model, however, she doesn’t look more than 24.

Born in 2006, Sarai Burgos is a 16-year-old star kid born with a silver spoon. Bernice has always kept her personal life away from the media limelight. So, it is quite unclear who is the father of Sarai Burgos. However, Bernice once stated that Sarai is 10 years younger than her first child, Ashley. There is a lot about Sarai Burgos that you may not know.

In this blog, we have mentioned key details about Sarai Burgos, her mother, and other details.

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Key Details Of Sarai Burgos

  • Daughter Of A Famous Model – Bernice Burgos

As mentioned above, Sarai Burgos is the daughter of a famous American personality—Bernice Burgos. Sarai is a teenager and the second child of Bernice who is known for her amazing modeling skills. To people’s knowledge, Bernice is a famous model, social media celebrity, reality TV star, and businesswoman. She has been featured in a lot of music videos and in top magazines.

That’s not all! She has even appeared in multiple popular songs. Sarai Burgos’s mother is also a reality TV star who has appeared in MTV’s popular show, Wild ‘N Out. Sarai Burgos quite looks like her mother especially when she poses along with her. Along with these, Bernice Burgos is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Bold & Beautiful. It is an online marketplace to buy sleepwear, slippers, and other accessories.

  • Sarai Burgos’s Mother Is A Social Media Star

Sarai Burgos’s Mother, Bernice Burgos is a social media queen. You will be surprised to know that she has 6.9 million followers on Bernice’s Instagram account. Her account is run by the name “realberniceburgos”.

She often posts content related to her professional life. Bernice posts bold and hot pictures of herself on her Instagram account. She even uses her social media account to promote various brands and products.

  • Sarai Burgos’s Age

It is not clear when Bernice gave birth to her second child, Sarai Burgos. However, as per sources, she was born in 2006. Bernice once said that Sarai is 10 years younger than her first child, Ashley. Ashley was born in 1996 so that means Sarai was born in 2006. Bernice was just 25 years old when she welcomed Sarai and was 15 when gave birth to Ashley.

  • Sarai Burgos’s Father

It is quite a big mystery who is the father of Sarai Burgos. This is because Bernice Burgos has always kept her relationships, kids, and personal life under wraps. However, if reports are to be believed her father was not a famous personality.

  • Famous Sister

Apart from being the daughter of a famous mother, Sarai Burgos is the younger sister of a famous social media star, Ashley Burgos. Born in 1996, Ashley is the elder daughter of Bernice Burgos. Ashley is a public figure and social media celebrity having a huge fan following. There are about 230K followers on her Instagram account.

Ashley often posts professional content on her Instagram account. Just like her mother, she has experienced the sweet taste of success at such a young age. Moreover, just like her mother, she is also a young mother to a daughter. She was just 21 years old when she gave birth to her child.

  • Sarai Burgos’s Instagram Appearance

Bernice Burgos has always tried her best to keep her younger daughter, Sarai Burgos, away from the limelight. There are very few times when Bernice has talked about Sarai. It was in the year 2017 when Bernice shared a video on Instagram featuring herself and Sarai in that year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

In The End…

That’s all about Sarai Burgos’s mother, sister, and other key details. There is not much information about her available on the Internet. She has always remained away from the spotlight. Still, we have tried our best to equip you with the best knowledge about Sarai and her family.  Hopefully, you liked the article. For more updates and information on celebs, stay connected with us.

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