How to Achieve Greater ROI With Retargeting Campaigns

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Retargeting Campaigns

The battle for consumer attention is fierce. Marketers are exploring new ways to make their ad campaigns more effective, maximize returns, and optimize marketing efforts. Re-engaging with users who have shown intent via a retargeting campaign offers a second chance to convert them into your customers. But the challenge lies in achieving a greater return on investment (ROI) with Retargeting campaigns. Let’s dive a little deeper to understand what it takes to boost your ROI with retargeting campaigns.

What is Retargeting? What Retargeting Campaign is Needed?

A desire left unfulfilled. Retargeting is the re-marketing to the audience that did not complete the final step or desired action. Genuine users or visitors who did not make a purchase or filled in the form to contact them further. Targeted ads using cookies or tracking pixels are the traditional way of reaching out to your desired audience.

Here is What Your Retargeting Campaign Needs

Clarity in Objective/Goals

Is your retargeting campaign for enhancing brand awareness, getting more leads, or driving sales? The clarity in the objective of retargeting ad campaigns ensures more effectiveness with relevancy and precision.

Ad Traffic Validation

Retargeting campaigns require a clean and transparent ecosystem to be more effective. General Invalid traffic and Sophisticated invalid need to be validated in real-time as invalid clicks and impressions can drain your retargeting ad budget. As the target audience is the one with intent, it should not get lost among the invalid bot traffic.

Contextual Retargeting

Advertisers/ brands must value ads’ contextual relevancy for retargeting reaching out to the users with genuine intent of purchasing your product or services. Finding out the relevant content and platforms for ad placement enables brands to set parameters in ad manager to reach the right retargeted audience.

Retargeting Campaign with Visit Lead Scoring

Visit lead Scoring enables brands to evaluate the quality and intent of visits by mapping behavior patterns. Reflection on the level of engagement the leads can with categorized based on the intent. This ensures you get quality leads for conversion and if an opportunity is missed the first time another round of targeting can be done with qualified leads and retargeting them.

Identify High-Intent Prospects

Identify those who spend significant time, have multiple visits, or looking at some key content. Once you know the most likely leads to convert you can score big on retargeting campaign.

Data-Driven Personalized Targeting

The actionable insights from visit lead scoring can enable you to target specific interests, offer exclusive discounts, or personalized messages that resonate with the retargeted audience. This could lead to data-driven engagement and enhance ROI.

Prevent Wastage of Ad Spend

When you target the visitors with a high intent score or lead score the ad spend gets optimized and enables you to achieve better ROI. The retargeting campaigns indiscriminately target prospects that didn’t convert earlier with a more focused approach.

Continuous Optimization With Machine Learning (ML)

Visit lead scoring with AI/ML power tech can automate the process and analyze leads in real time. Take the learning at every campaign enabling more efficient segmentation of leads as high intent, medium intent, and low intent lead to conversion. Continuous monitoring of retargeting campaign performance metrics helps shape more effective strategies.

Frequency Cap in Retargeting Campaign

A striking balance between ad fatigue and staying on top of the minds of viewers must be maintained by identifying frequency cap violations. Frequency caps in retargeting can maximize impact and enhance ROI. Setting a maximum threshold on a minimum number of times a particular user is shown, the ad helps maintain the advertisement’s effectiveness across the app, web, media platforms, or OTTs. Main Relevance with no ad fatigue: Overexposure can dent the impact and relevance of the ad. Preventing Frequency cap violations enables advertisers to maintain ad novelty and relevance. Retargeting ads catered to high intent audiences get their attention but bombarding them with the same ad may lead to ad fatigue.

Fraud in Ad Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting Campaigns are vulnerable to fraud as they are easier to target due to click-based payouts. Frauds like organic poaching, invalid traffic, and acquisition poaching can plague your retargeting campaign. Fraudulent publishers taking credit for app installation just before that would have happened anyway. A major quick commerce platform faced this with its retargeting campaign. They were running a retargeting campaign to increase engagement on their app. The user engagement despite high spend on installs and the re-engagement campaign was low. Organic or acquisition traffic poaching resulted in higher pay-outs to the publisher even with low conversions.

The click-to-conversion time difference for say, Publisher A on 11th Jan was 35% whereas conversion happened after 6 hours of click which indicated the hijacking of organic traffic by firing random clicks in the background. In another case, the brand had to face acquisition poaching as the re-engagement partners were not even waiting for a single day of user inactivity. Instead, they were trying to engage with the users who were active and had installed the app organically. This caused massive wastage of ad spending on retargeting campaigns and low ROI. With a tool that protects from bot traffic, invalid traffic, and ad fraud they ensure that the random clicks that were fired to capture the organic traffic were identified and stopped. Engagement partners were trying to re-engage immediately after the installation of the app was detected.


The key challenge in a retargeting campaign is finding the right balance between Investment and targeting an audience with intent. The more precise and accurate your retargeting better returns on investment you will get. Ad traffic validation, ad fraud detection, and contextual and relevant targeting with quality lead scoring can elevate your ROI on retargeting campaigns. Building trust and transparency across the advertising landscape is also a critical factor. It helps achieve effective results from retargeting campaigns along with upholding brand reputation.

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