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As the world is reforming each year, so is the real estate market changing constantly. And with the global pandemic in 2020, real estate has been greatly impacted in various ways, which has brought about new challenges to the real estate market. 

Many offices, organizations, and even individuals started working remotely since the beginning of lockdown in various countries. As a result of remote work that was introduced during the pandemic. Many workspaces were abandoned and few decided to adapt to this new method of working from home, while some resolved to a shared workspace. Just for them to save on the cost of rent, which affected many estate agencies after the lockdown.

Accrue real estate decided to look at the new challenges faced by real estate which are:

Technology In Real Estate Business

New technologies are introduced to various industries and the real estate market is not left out. The future of Real estate belongs to those that can easily adapt to new technology changes. 

The use of technology for virtual tours has been around for some time but it keeps evolving, so a need to be up-to-date. Not keeping up with the latest technology by real estate agents can lead to losing sales or customers. There is an increasing demand in smart homes or tech-ready buildings where tenants can easily install their own devices.


Due to the pandemic, the global economy and people around the world encounter challenges. Since there are restrictions on air travel from one country to another. Because the migration of people from one country to another has been a great help to the real estate market.

Housing Affordability

One of the major issues arising in the real estate market is affordable housing. As many are not able to find an affordable apartment close to their place of work. Because there are no affordable for-sale houses available, it brings about a rent increase.

Inadequate Infrastructure 

Infrastructure in a particular area or environment plays a very important role. It determines the kind of people in that area and businesses that can be relocated to such an area. And this also will affect the price of housing in that area. 

Building and repairing existing infrastructure will help build a country both socially and economically. When basic amenities are not provided, it will have an effect on the development process and real estate values, in developing areas.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Using digital channels to create a customer base and get sales is also an issue in the real estate market. Many real estate companies have challenges with presenting their brand, digital experience, and user-friendly website. Being able to effectively and efficiently measure the effect of marketing channels like social media, local and enterprise SEO, is another challenge of many real estate companies.


With the issues listed above and various others that may still arise in the nearest future in the real estate market, the ability to adapt and overcome each challenge is very important to survive.

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