The mistake that 90% of entrepreneurs make, let’s avoid it!

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mistake of entrepreneurs

Here are all the benefits it can bring you

Mistake is a single part of life but we can avoid this, how let us see…The days go by and look the same. It is a delicate period, which we do not all go through in the same way. It’s difficult, but it’s also a good time to reflect, question, and reassess your goals. I am convinced that this period will create a new generation of entrepreneurs, who will have learned a lot, sometimes in pain.

Moreover, many successful companies were born during times of crisis.
I think of Airbnb or Uber which were created just after the financial crisis of 2008.
I dedicate this email to entrepreneurs who want to get out of it and take their business to the next level.
I would like to tell you about an error that I see too often and which causes the death of many projects.

A fateful entrepreneurial mistake

We will not mention a name.

Let’s call him Luc and imagine that Luc wants to start his business.
Luc spent ten years as a salesperson. He has worked for several companies and has acquired strong skills in sales techniques.
One day, the pace of life as an employee no longer suits him.

He has the feeling of being locked up and not being valued enough. He also thinks he can earn a better living by being self-employed. He has been attracted to entrepreneurship for a long time, now is the time to get started.
Luc then decides to create his own business.
His idea is to pass on his know-how and the sales techniques he has developed for several years in training programs.
Luc has the ideal profile: he knows what he is talking about and loves to teach things to others. In his companies, he regularly led workshops to help other salespeople progress.
He learns and discovers that it is possible to make a living by creating online courses. It requires little technical skills (there are simple tools to create a website), a little time, and a low financial investment.
It’s perfect!
Luc is bubbling with enthusiasm.
His plan is simple but effective: he will sell his course directly on the Internet to anyone who wants to learn how to sell, whether for their project or to get a sales job.
He embarks on the entrepreneurial adventure
He leaves his permanent contract and then embarks on what he considers to be the most important thing: the construction of his course program.
He locks himself in his desk for 2 months and works every day to extract all his knowledge and organize it into a coherent educational program.
Once this program is built, it tackles the shooting and editing of the videos. Luc has created a very complete program: around thirty videos for nearly 10 hours of content. It takes him an extra month to get everything ready.
Its product now ready, it is now a question of making it known.

Luc is thus working on the construction of his website. Since he is not sure how to do it, he decides to buy an online training course that explains, step by step, how to create his site.
Several hundred euros spent and a month later, Luc finally has a functional website, ready to welcome thousands of visitors eager to train in sales.
As the days go by, his excitement grows. He has been working behind the scenes on this project for almost 6 months now: it’s time to unveil it and start making money.
Luc plans to officially launch his course the following Monday.
Everything is ready. All you have to do is press a button in the administration panel of your site to put the course online.
Do you see the problem coming?
At no time did Luc wonder how he was going to bring prospects interested in his offer to his website. At no time did he deal with the marketing and communication around his project.
Nothing happens. Necessarily.
It is not because we create a website that visitors will come to visit it.
It is not because you create a product that people will come and buy it as if by magic!
I have seen this error dozens and dozens of times in very different fields: training, software, freelance, e-commerce site, crafts, etc.
It is a death trap for many, many entrepreneurs.
Who can agree to work 6 months on a project without generating any income?
Another method is possible

Let me offer you another approach
Imagine another approach for Luc.
Let’s imagine that he has an email database of 1,000 highly qualified contacts who know Luc and his know-how.
When launching his course, he doesn’t just post it on his site, hoping that people will stumble upon it.
He sends an email to his contact base to present them in a detailed and convincing way the content of the course, with a link to discover the program.

Suddenly, Luc has a way to notify 1,000 people interested in selling free of charge that he has just launched a new offer to help them develop their skills.
Out of those 1,000 people, maybe only 50 people will decide to trust Luc and go ahead with the purchase. This is a reasonable number.
Let’s imagine that the price of Luc’s program is € 400.
50 * 400 € = 20,000 € of sale for Luc.
That makes all the difference.
More interesting no?
With this income in his pocket, Luc can develop his business plan and continue to imagine new courses.
Above all, thanks to this database of email contacts that he has built, he has a means of making known all his (future) new products and ensuring their success.
Why should all entrepreneurs start a blog?
I imagine the question you are asking yourself.
“I can see the value of owning an email list, but in concrete terms, how do I manage to have mine? Should I buy it? ”
I’m coming!
First of all, I strongly recommend against buying an email contact list.
What is valuable is not having 1,000 emails. What matters is that these 1,000 people know and trust you. And you can’t buy it.
What you want are people who are interested in what you are offering, who voluntarily give you their email address.
You want these people to be eagerly waiting to hear from you every week, every month.
That way, the day you have something to sell them, they’ll be ready to pay attention and make the purchase.
For that, there is nothing better than starting a blog and writing on the Internet.
The blog is a formidable weapon for ANY entrepreneur

This is exactly how I did to develop my site,, and build a business that has allowed me to generate enough income to live for 10 years.
This is also how thousands of profitable and growing businesses have started, on the Internet.
Writing on the Internet is a superpower that is not valued enough.

Here are all the benefits it can bring you:
You can become THE reference in your field thanks to your articles (in Luc’s case, these would be sales techniques) and thus attract new qualified prospects to your website every week.
The articles you write allow you to share your values, your know-how, and your experiences. This is how your prospects will come back to your site, trust you, and recommend you to their friends.
When you buy a new car, you don’t go for the first one you see. You take the time to compare several, you read articles and you try out the model that interests you the most. It’s the same with the products you sell on the Internet. Your articles help give more information and add value to your readers before you sell them anything. This is the basis for a successful sale!
Thanks to your articles, you can position your website at the top of the Google search pages that interest you and thus attract thousands of visitors each month
Finally, your articles are an excellent way to encourage people who follow you to leave you their email address … which therefore allows you to build that famous list of email contacts.
Developing my blog was the best choice I could make.
Today, 10 years after its creation, I reap greater benefits every day. And it’s not about to stop, I built a huge snowball whose size continues to grow (+ 20% of visitors each year and thousands of people like you who read my emails)

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