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Healthcare Laws

Healthcare laws include the laws, rules and regulations binding on all healthcare workers, government, companies and the entire population. This is across all levels including the regulatory, operation and transactional and the aim is to ensure commitment to health goals. These laws are like a road map to providing standard daily operation and reaching the desired outcome. 

Healthcare laws were developed as millions of Americans started embracing health insurance whether through employers, individual purchases or public subsidies. Hence, health laws reforms have been added to the existing state laws to safeguard the interest of providers, payers, companies amd everyone involved in the health industry. The health laws have been in consumers favour with plenteous benefits to enjoy. Here, Lisa Manziel, the founder of Manziel Law Offices, company offering law services to healthcare companies and clients explores the benefits of healthcare laws. Keep reading. 

Protecting People With Preexisting Health Conditions

Under the current laws, there are no insurance companies that are allowed to charge you more or refuse to cover you because you have pre-existing health conditions. Whether it’s asthma, cancer or diabetes, any health conditions you have before the date that new healthcare covery starts doesn’t permit health insurers to charge more or deny treatment. 

Providing Easy Access to Health Insurance

For businesses, individuals or self-employed without health insurance, healthcare laws provide easy access to buy insurance through the healthcare marketplace.  Purchasing healthcare coverage has been made easier than ever. With exchanges, you can compare prices and benefits in order to make informed decisions. 

Providing Preventive Care

You now have access to free preventive care services as far as you are under an insurance plan. These proven preventive care can be immunization, flu shots, counseling on contraceptives and birth control, screenings for diabetes and certain cancers.

Giving Extended Coverage For Young Adults

The law expands young adults’ health coverage options and provides the security they and their families need. This includes that an individual can include children under age 26 years on a health insurance plan. Hence, if you are yet to have an insurance plan but still under 26, you can stay under your parents health insurance plan. 

Putting A Stop To Unfair Insurance Practices

Before the health care laws, insurance plans arent fair to pregnant women and it didn’t cover maternity care and counseling. Moreover, children under 19 and adults with pre-existing conditions health insurance are also denied health insurance. Not to forget that limit was put on lifetime coverage. The law has prohibited these unfair practices, women are treated more fairly and there has been insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions as well. 

Improving Health Insurance Affordability 

The health insurance marketplace offers a wide range of plans for millions to qualify for financial assistance. For instance, in 2014, if your earnings are less than $59,000 as a couple or about $44,000 as an individual, you might be eligible for financial assistance to help you pay for health insurance. 


You shouldn’t be left in the dark on what you stand to gain with health laws. Rather familiarize yourself with them to know what organization and individuals can or cannot do. This way, you can ensure quality healthcare services you deserve. Manziel Law Offices are here to help for all your healthcare law needs. 

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