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Third Party Liability, widely known as TPL, can be so much more difficult than it looks like. They mount pressures on insurance companies to get results. They do not cover so much of incidents be it in the health sector or automobile but yet, that are tough to to work things out with. A lot of insurance companies are sorting ways to manage the TPL claims so that all parties involved can have a fair judgement of the claim. There are few steps that can be taken to maximize the potential results of Third Party Liability scenarios. Herewith is Lisa Manziel, a renowned healthcare lawyer in Texas to explain methods in effective management of TPL claims.

Before we go further into those methods used,  let’s take a second to emphasize on the existence of technology. We are in an era where technology runs almost everything. Being in the insurance business for years Lisa can boldly say that innovations from technology to help counter TPL claims have begotten the success of many settled claims in the insurance industry. Therefore, make use of modern innovative technologies that are available for the insurance industry if you boldly want to settle a claim to your benefit. 

So what are the strategies that can be used to manage Third Party Liability claims: 

Optimize a Good Third Party Relationship

Many insurance companies have come to understand that maintaining good relationships with TPL’s works best. By doing this, they can maximize the opportunity to achieve their goals. On the basis of business, when a company scores a contract with another body, it is known as a third party. Therefore as an insurance company, those contractors or vendors that you have made an agreement with are third parties. It is your duty to know all the benefits and boundaries of your contract or agreement with such bodies in a documented form. This way, you can avoid future complications. 

Study the Situation of The Incident For Right Settlement

Avoid impatient judgement of an incident. This particular method is one skill that Manziel Law Offices uses to quickly find a base for a third party liability claim. It is important that you access every situation deeply so that you can engage in a profitable negotiation. And this will only happen if you study the accident well enough to know the appropriate amount needed for treatment and recovery. 

Check Out Possible Partnerships

“One way to expertly settle claims is to partner with powerful and professional insurance companies,” says Lisa Manziel. Because some companies want to gain experience and become solid in their job, they forget that partnering is needed. Partnering with more expert insurance companies will give you access to learning how to become experts too. 


Almost all (if not all) the industry that runs the market of the world is covered by technology. Innovations such as machine learning, computer vision, and risk scoring are the reasons why some insurance companies have been able to settle claims faster and smoother. Another great practice of Manziel Law Offices to sort claims the professional way. 

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