Factors to Consider While Selecting Knee Replacement Surgeon

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Knee Replacement

The knee problem is one of the most common health issues faced by the elderly; of late, many youngsters also suffer from knee-related issues. Though several treatment options are available to cure the problem, sometimes, knee replacement surgeries are unavoidable. Such surgery is prescribed as the last treatment option if none of the other treatments or medications work.

This kind of joint replacement surgery in India is quite common and is done by expert surgeons with high success rates. If you have been advised to undergo this surgery, here are a few factors to consider while selecting a knee replacement surgeon.


This is the most critical factor to consider while choosing a knee replacement surgeon. Experience matters a lot because only an experienced surgeon would know about the possible complications involved in the process and can handle things accordingly. Their knowledge and skills also depend on their experience. In simple words, the doctor’s experience has a direct influence on the success rates of the surgery. So, shortlist some of the best knee replacement surgeons in India and compare their experience.


Check the qualifications of the surgeon. He should possess a Master’s Degree in orthopedic surgery. An MS degree in Orthopaedics is an added advantage. The degree that the surgeon holds speaks a lot about his interest in the medical field.

Read Reviews Online

Nowadays, it is easy to get feedback from other patients through online forums. Read these online reviews to know more about the surgeon’s success rates. You can also find the education details and experience of the surgeons online. You can check all the credentials here as well.

Meet the Surgeon Personally

After considering the above-listed factors, you would have a shortlist of 3-4 surgeons by now. Fix an appointment and meet them personally so that you can discuss your surgery details. During this meeting, you will get a good idea about his knowledge and whether he can do this surgery.

As a patient who is supposed to go through knee replacement surgery, you are likely to have several unanswered questions in your mind. During this appointment, don’t hesitate to ask any surgery-related queries that you may have. Some of the concerns that you might want to get addressed by the surgeon are:

  • What are the risks of the surgery?
  • What is the success rate of the surgery?
  • Which computed technology do you use during the procedure?
  • What is the plan of the surgery before performing it?
  • When is the best time to start the treatment?
  • How many days will it take to recover and get back to everyday life?
  • Are there any possible complications?
  • Is there any diet chart that I need to follow before and after the surgery?

While meeting the surgeon, please pay attention to the overall interaction that you have with him. An experienced surgeon already knows the thoughts of the patients and answers the queries without any hesitation. They will also tell you about the surgical outcomes and suggest the best-suited surgical plan for you.

Cost of Surgery

If you have insurance, then this is a very critical factor. Check the insurance policy of the hospital from where you want to get the surgery done. Most of the big and reputed hospitals have a facility for enabling insurance-based payments for surgeries. So, you can save significantly on the surgery cost and thus benefit from such hospitals.

Getting a Second Opinion

Whether you have decided on your first choice of the surgeon or discuss with another surgeon probably from a different hospital, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. You can get more suggestions and helpful information with such a second consultation.

Knee joint replacement surgery in India is an effective procedure that can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. So, you must choose the right surgeon after doing thorough research by considering all the above-discussed factors. Once you have chosen the surgeon, collect all the possible information about the surgery and mentally prepare for the big day. Have a positive attitude and be at ease.

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