Who Is Eve Barlow? Know Everything About The Music Critic And Journalist

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Eve Barlow is a Scottish-born, Los Angeles-based freelance music writer who has written for The Guardian, Pitchfork, and the Los Angeles Times. Eve was formerly the New Music Express’ Deputy Editor. On the other hand, she is also well known for her anti-semitic activism.

In May 2022, Eve Barlow got famous on the internet when Johnny Depp petitioned the court to ban her from trials. It has been reported by the Law & Crime Network that Barlow has been barred from attending the remainder of the current trial because he was seen using a smartphone while in court.

If you are unaware, let us inform you that the Pirates of the Caribbean star sued Amber Heard for $50 million last year. Reports indicate that Amber Heard’s close friend Eve Barlow was excluded from the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Things You Must Know About Eve Barlow

Parents And Ethnicity

Eve Barlow was born on October 21, 1985, in Giffnock, Glasgow, and is now located in Los Angeles. Barlow is the daughter of George Barlow, a National Health Service employee and Member of the Order of the British Empire. She had previously claimed that her father had helped shape her love of music by exposing her to Elvis Presley’s songs when she was a child.


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As a child, Eve Barlow lived in Giffnock with a close-knit Jewish community. Her father was highly involved in his daughter’s life, and her mother, who was always there for her, encouraged her to do what she believed in.

It is unclear what her mother did for a living. Eve is a practising Jew who has discussed her Judaism on several social media sites. Her ancestry is European Jewry.

Education And Career

Reportedly, Barlow completed her elementary schooling at Scotland’s Calderwood Lodge Primary. She left for England to attend Manchester University not long after turning seventeen. Barlow eventually earned her law degree from the University of Manchester. Eve subsequently enrolled at the University College in London, where she pursued a Master’s degree in human rights law in 2008.

She had a hard time finding work in 2008 because of the economic downturn. Later, Barlow returned to her hometown and began a career as a composer there.

She worked her way up the news ladder without ever having earned a formal journalism degree via a series of internships. With time and effort, she was able to advance to the position of deep editor at NME.

In London, she was also an industry pioneer in the field of music journalism. Their employment spanned from 2008 to 2014. In time, Eve Barlow relocated to sunny Los Angeles, California, where she set up shop as a self-employed writer. Until 2020, she was still involved with Q Magazine as a contributing editor.

Relationship Status

Eve Barlow, a music journalist and anti-semitism campaigner, is open about her work yet private about her personal life. But Eve has also come out as bisexual on her Twitter account. At the event, Barlow reaffirmed her queer identity and her place as an outspoken member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Moreover, there are no rumours of a love relationship between Eve with anybody at the moment. However, being a widely read music writer, Eve is likely to have dated more than one person in her life.

In addition, Barlow has just a few pieces available at any one time. Eve is more interested in advancing her job at the moment than committing to a romantic partnership. Barlow seems to be someone who is not fond of discussing her romantic interests with the general world.

Eve Barlow As An Activist

More often than not, Eve uses her Instagram and Twitter to speak out against racism and in support of Jewish identity. Eve also hopes to teach her audience and followers about the Jewish community, feminism, diversity, and the LGBTQ+ movement.


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But for her efforts, Eve is often the target of bullying, harassment, and even death threats. After voicing support for Israel during the current conflict in Gaza, she was the target of hateful remarks from pro-Palestinian sympathisers.

Seth Rogen, a comedian, added a wind emoji to a Twitter tweet documenting the hate he received for protecting Israel, mocking her. She is called “Farlow” by trolls on Twitter very often.

The Net Worth Of Eve Barlow

Singer-songwriter Eve Barlow is also an advocate and critic of the music industry. After working her way up to deputy editor at NME, she eventually left to go to Los Angeles in 2014. Despite wanting to take a break, Eve gave in to her workaholic tendencies and couldn’t stop working.

For many years, she has worked as a magazine freelancer in the United States. She has extensively researched and written about the careers of several artists via her many conversations with them. As of the year 2022, experts predict that Eve Barlow has a net worth of $1 million.

Social Media Presence

Eve Barlow may be reached on any major social media network. You may find her on Instagram at (@evebarlow).


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Quick Facts About Eve Barlow

  • Eve Barlow is a Jew and Zionist of Scottish descent.
  • She and her dad were big Elvis Presley fans when she was a kid.
  • She is a 2007 Manchester University graduate with a degree in law.
  • She was raised in Glasgow.
  • Her father is a physician.
  • She is also referred to as Eve Dov Ber.
  • Eve Barlow was included on Algemeiner’s list of the top 100 individuals positively impacting Jewish life.
  • Some of the things she likes to do in her spare time include reading and going on trips.
  • Amber Heard was backed by Barlow during her legal fight with Johnny Depp.
  • Eve said that her great-grandfather Gershwin Berelovitch had fled to the United Kingdom in 1904 to escape the Russian monarch. When he became a citizen, Winston Churchill signed his citizenship papers, which are now proudly displayed at their house.

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