Understanding the Complexities of Drug Rehab Centers

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Drug Rehab Centers

Complexities of Drug Rehabilitation Center Made Simple

Drug addiction causes stress not only to the person suffering from it but also to the close ones. If you or your loved one is dealing with substance abuse, it’s time you look for some help. There is no beginning or end to drug abuse. Addiction preventive measures taken during the onset of a problem can save you from travelling a long and challenging road to recovery. There are several options for help available, including therapy, medication and detoxification. However, the best kind, which comprises all these, is offered by drug rehabilitation centres. But the idea of a centre where you or your loved one has to stay without any contact with the outside world sounds scary. It is understandable. Hence, we go through all the features, complexities as well as benefits of a drug rehab centre in this blog so that you can begin your recovery without any stress.

What are the Types of Addictions Treated at Rehab Centers?

While there are specific rehab centres that treat different types of addictions, some may offer treatment for all kinds of addiction problems. Here are the types of issues that a drug centre may deal with:

  • Alcohol Dependency
  • Marijuana Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Crystal Meth Addiction
  • Addiction to Prescription Painkillers
  • Poly-drug addiction

All these types of addictions differ in their nature, but most rehab centres focus on the universal element of addiction. You may choose a rehab centre which focuses on a specific addiction type or select a centre that offers services for all these types.

What is the Process of Treatment at a Drug Rehab Center?

There are four significant aspects of treating any substance addiction in a rehab centre. They are orientation, detoxification, therapy and post-rehab care. Here is more detail on them:

Orientation: This takes up the first few days of your time at the centre. Since the place and the people are new, you might take time in settling in. It might be difficult, especially for someone already suffering from an addiction. But the rehab centre takes all the measures to make you feel comfortable. They will introduce you to the ‘community’ which comprises of the fellow patients. They might assign you a ‘buddy’, who will walk you through the day-to-day activities of the programme. However, mingling with other patients will be subject to the discretion of your primary therapist.

Detoxification: Many rehab centres offer detoxification as a treatment measure. The human body becomes physically dependent on substances, and you need to remove it from your body to let your body heal. It requires supervision as the body may react negatively and can also result in fatalities in severe cases. Some of the best deaddiction centres in India offer detoxification to the patients, but some may not have the proper equipment and facilities to administer appropriate detoxification.

Therapy: Therapy, individual, and group, is one of the most critical aspects of treatment for addiction. Rehab centres will subject you to regular therapy sessions with a trusted counsellor. In these sessions, you will be confronted with your mental health issues, unresolved trauma, and daily problems that contribute to your drug addiction. The therapist will guide you to ways to solve these problems taking any substance to reduce your stress.

Post-Rehab Care: Staying away from drugs can be achieved under the supervision of professionals in the rehab centre. Your post-rehab abstinence from drugs will take more strength. So, these rehab centres guide you on how to maintain your stability in the real world with stress causing problems. Constant therapy, exercises, and care are required even when you are out of a drug rehabilitation centre.

Every rehabilitation centre differs in their programme, but the essential elements of their treatment remain the same which include, one-on-one therapy, group therapy, written work, meals, walks, plenty of sleep, and exercises.

What are the Benefits of a Drug Rehabilitation Centre?

  • Physical Benefits: As mentioned above, detoxification can cause withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be challenging to manage for a person alone. Drug rehab centers offer constant care, support and supervision to professionally help your body detox from the substance. The medical staff, trained in drug abuse cases, helps your body as per its requirements to come back to its healthy self as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Psychological Benefits: A drug rehab centre offers you the most wholesome and healthy environment to let go of your addiction. They offer you constant group and individual counselling sessions to deal with your addiction as well as problems causing by it. They even help in treating mental health conditions and repressed traumas which might be the driving force of your addiction problems.

Drug Rehabilitation centres offer a safe space to the patient so that their journey to recovery can become as smooth as possible.

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