David Antico Talks About The Best Pubs, Bars and Live Music Venues to Hit Up in Footscray, According to a Local

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David Antico

Melbourne houses one of the most beautiful suburbs you can ever find. Footscray is its name and it is known as the shining jewel of the West. A hub of culture to her people and visitors. “It’s not just about the beauty of this town but its infusion of traditional, cultural, and modern lifestyle” says David Antico, who’s currently working at a boutique cocktail bar in Crows Nest. 

You can enjoy expensive and affordable drinks at pubs and cocktail bars. David also implies that the bar and pub owners possess very good human personalities. You see one of the reasons why you don’t want to miss exploring Footscray! Let’s not forget that there are live music venues that serve the people with some very good songs for the soul. “It won’t hurt to express yourself in some good music alongside others,” says David. Let’s see some bars, pubs, and live music spots to visit.

Trouble in Dreams

This dream and land is owned by Chad Parkhill and Aaron Donato. “In this field, if you want to start your own bar, past experience from working behind the bar is a very good foundation,” says David Antico. Parkhill used to work at Eydie’s & Heartattack Vine. Creating a unique cocktail mix is one of the difficult skills around the globe. When you visit Footscray, do not hesitate to visit the Trouble in dreams because you are bound to fall in love with their cocktails. 

The Foxtrot Inn

Are you looking for a top-notch cocktail bar and lounge to visit with your friends? David Antico invites you to the land of bud tasty drinks. Located in Crow’s Nest is your best boutique cocktail bar. Buckle up because a glance at the boutique of drinks in this bar could cause you to be thirsty for all! The Foxtrot Inn knows how to set the perfect mood alongside the perfect cocktail. All you have to do with your friends is to sit back, sip, chat and savour the enjoyment around. 

Victoria Hotel

If you love contemporary styles and feels, this is the right spot for you. It is popularly known as the Vic.  “At the mention of a bar, our mind immediately translates to adults only. But the Vic is totally accommodating for both old and young” says David. Whether you like it inside the bar or outside, whichever your preference is, you will be satisfied. Drop by after that hectic work to relax and sip your favourite drink. 

The Cheeky Point

Here is another pick by David Antico. It’s true that this isn’t kfc but you need to taste the chicken at Cheeky point. You need to see how this piece of meat is drenched and dripping with ham and Napoli. This chicken is accompanied by cooked wedges, mayonnaise, mustard, and ultimately, topped with a light green salad. 

These are a few of the numerous bars, pubs and live music spots. Enjoy!

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