Cosmetic Teeth Bonding; Compare Before And After Fantastic Dental Look

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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding before and after means the state of teeth before and after cosmetic bonding treatment. Cosmetic bonding treatments are simple and painless procedures given to patients that need dental care. These treatments are done to whiten the teeth or properly arranged misaligned teeth. Also, patients who do not like veneers can opt for cosmetic bonding to take care of their teeth. Many people dislike veneer dental treatment because their enamels have to be removed during the procedure. Whereas, it does not remove the teeth’s enamels. This is why most people are opting for it as a way to solve their dental issues. However, cosmetic bonding is not as effective as veneer treatment. Yet, it is not as invasive as veneer nor does it damage the teeth further.

Therefore, cosmetic bonding restores the teeth to a healthy condition and gives patients the confidence to smile.

Cosmetic Bonding Before and After

Case Study 1

Before: This patient’s middle-lower teeth were yellowish, misshapen, with white spots. Therefore, she opted for dental bonding procedure to correct her teeth’s shape, whiten it, and remove the spot.

After: After undergoing a cosmetic bonding procedure, her teeth were re-contoured to give them a straight line when she smiles. They were also reshaped and whitened to remove the discoloration and bad shape that were previously present. Now, the patient can confidently smile without feeling self-conscious about her misshapen, yellowish lower teeth.

Case Study 2

Before: The patient’s lower right teeth were demineralized with white spots.

After: The dentist performed cosmetic bonding to cover the white spots. This is to ensure that the patient’s teeth all have the same color.

Case Study 3

Before: This patient had a missing lower tooth, a chipped tooth, and a transparent tooth.

After: The dentist bonded four teeth on either side of the missing tooth to cover the missing tooth. He also corrected the chipped tooth and the transparent tooth. After the procedure, the patient was not afraid of opening his mouth in public whenever he talked.

Case Study 4

Before: A huge gap between the five lower middle teeth.

After: To give the teeth a natural look, the dentist closed the huge gap between the teeth through cosmetic bonding. The patient’s dental aesthetics before and after cosmetic bonding had a huge difference.

Case Study 5

Before: The patient’s lower teeth suffered from discoloration, chipping, and misalignment.

After: The dentist artistically bonded the patient’s lower teeth incisors. He then proceeded to reshape, resize, and re-shade the lower teeth.

Case Study 6

Before: The patient’s teeth suffered from eroding and discoloration.

After: The dentist artistically bonded the patient’s teeth to remove discoloration and reshape the teeth. Afterward, the patient’s teeth all have the same size and she was able to confidently smile more.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding as stated earlier is simply a tooth restoration procedure done by a dentist. It mostly involved using dental resin on damaged teeth. The type of bonding procedures done on patients depend on the patients dental issues.

Cosmetic bonding is used to treat various dental problems like:

  • A misshapen tooth
  • A chipped tooth
  • A crooked tooth
  • Spaces in-between the teeth
  • A tooth with a fracture
  • A cracked tooth
  • A discolored tooth
  • A decayed tooth
  • A short tooth
  • The exposed root of a tooth
  • An eroded tooth

Cosmetic Bonding Procedures

Cosmetic bonding procedures are cheaper than veneer procedures. They shave off the teeth’s enamels, unlike veneers. Patients who want cheaper and less harmful dental care prefer to go for cosmetic bonding dental care.

Cosmetic Bonding Cost

Cosmetic bonding cost is not as much as the cost of getting veneer treatments. It was estimated that the cosmetic bonding cost for a tooth starts from 300 dollars to 600 dollars. A dental patient needs to re-bond after five years.

Some patients cannot afford the cost of this dental treatment procedure and try to get insurance coverage for the treatment. However, not all dental insurance covers this dental treatment.

Hence, it is advisable to know if your dental insurance covers cosmetic bonding before you go for the treatment.

Teeth Bonding Before and After

Teeth bonding before and after examples:

Before teeth bonding: Patient A is an athlete who broke two teeth during a game. She was taken to a dental clinic to get dental treatment.

After teeth bonding: The dentist filled the broken part of her teeth with composite resins. This rebuilt the broken part of her teeth to make them whole again. The procedure took less than an hour and Patient A was given aftercare instructions.

The patient’s dental aesthetics before and after teeth bonding were not the same. Her teeth were repaired in a timely and less costly way.

How long does dental bonding last?

How long does dental bonding last is a question many patients who want to do the procedure ask? Before you go for any dental procedure, it is important to ask this question. It will let you know if the procedure will last long or not.

Most dental bonding only lasts for five to ten years, depending on the type of treatment. The reason is that resin, the material used in the bonding procedure, can only last for five or ten years.

Because of this, dentists advise the patients not to put too much pressure on the bonded tooth. Otherwise, the resin will be damaged, and the patient will have to visit the dentist for a refill.

In addition, patients are advised to stop drinking liquids that can stain their bonded teeth.

Therefore, the lifespan of a cosmetic bonded tooth mostly depends on the patient’s aftercare plans.


The dental health of a patient before and after cosmetic bonding is different. Before this bonding procedure, a patient with dental issues cannot smile confidently. However, after the treatment, he or she can smile in public with confidence.

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