Why should one choose to be CISSP certified?

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The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium offers a globally recognized CISSP certification – Certified Information Security Professional. The core of the certification is coverage of all fields of information security. In addition, the cyber security course makes a professional design, define, architect, control, and manage secure business workplaces.

The CISSP exam:

The exam comprises 250 questions, including 25 pre-test questions. The exam is conducted for six hours, and an individual must score 700 or more to clear the exam. The CISSP course costs around 42,000 INR.

The cyber security course syllabus includes topics such as access control, telecommunication, network security, information security, risk management, software development security, cryptography, security architecture & design, operations security, physical security, etc. Cyber security course eligibility is a minimum of five years of security professional work experience.


  • Worldwide Recognition

It is a global certification, and hence, it goes without saying that you will be recognized worldwide. Most fortune 500 companies are looking for Security specialists who can manage and protect their confidential data. The CISSP certification delivers and trains insightful, committed, and protective skills. Therefore, the information security domain is said to have this cyber security course online as the most demanded one.

  • High on-demand:

It is a course that has been popular and on-demand ever since its launch. Lakhs of professionals have sought the course and completed them. Moreover, the professionals are spread over more than 160 countries globally, which shows how good of a choice the course is.  

  • Decades of excellence:

It dates to be one of the oldest security certifications and continues to be the top among them. All information security certifications look up to CISSP certification as it is a pioneer in the field and has been in the industry for more than three decades now.

  • Higher Pay scale:

The CISSP-certified professionals usually get a 40% higher pay than those without the certification. With the growing demand for cyber security roles, industries look for skilled and certified individuals and are ready to pay them more. A recent survey shows that the CISSP professionals are ranked number 4 in the top 15 highest-paid jobs.

  • Job Roles:

An individual can choose among the different job openings he can get into after completing the certification. With malicious cyber-crimes and attacks threatening the cloud computing markets, a CISSP-certified professional can choose to become an information security officer, security engineer, security architect, and information security analyst/manager. They become credible and trustworthy to protect the confidential data of businesses.

  • Stable Work-life:

It is surveyed that the information security sector is the most stable form of IT field these days. This is because the already shifting world to digitalization will only require more security professionals to shield and secure their data.

  • Valued Credential:

Being certified by this cyber security course makes you stand out from the crowd. Industry experts and influencers consider it the most valuable credential among employers. Achieving the certification means that you have put in the effort and demonstrated the necessary skills to provide security building and boosting.

  • Future of Cyber Security:

With the entire world moving into cloud computing, social media life, big data, etc., it only becomes compelling for companies to hire cyber security experts. The industry giants are adopting these technologies and looking for certified security experts to help them stay safe from malicious online attacks.

  • CISSP Member Benefits:

On completion of the certification, the individuals get additional benefits like

  • (ISC)2 education discounts
  • (ISC) 2 Global Awards program recognition
  • Free webinars
  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounted and free of cost events
  • Info-security professional magazine

A CISSP certification gives those professionals to the industry who have well-balanced monitoring skills, who provide risk control methods, who design protective security standards, and innovative technological implementation. These are the criterion that the industry currently needs, and thus, the cyber security online course becomes most worthy of investing. With abundant time utilized in systematic study and practicing sample questions, an individual can easily crack the exam. The certification continues to win global accolades every year and thus, is the best choice for a great professional career.

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