Do Business Profile Submission sites still work for SEO in 2020

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business profile submission sites

If you’re thinking that business profiles or as commonly referred “directory submission” for SEO do not work at all in 2020, then you need to rethink your statement once again. They still do work, only if they are done right. The business profile submission sites are just like traditional telephone directories and yellow pages, but now you do not have to waste your time flipping through pages. A lot of things have now changed!

What Is A Directory Submission?

This is for the people who know little or know nothing about the directory submission. Directory submission is considered to be one of the best off-site traditional SEO tactics that allow the owner of the business to increase the number and quality of the links to their official website. However, the online marketers and experts of the industrial area opt for this strategy in order to improve their reputation in the local and global community.

To be honest, the chances of getting ranked higher on the SERP increase by a lot if you get backlinks from high authority sites. But, make sure that you get backlinks that are of the best highest quality and are also natural. Search engines usually do not like the website paying for backlinks.

The real meaning of business directory submission is the process of adding your official business website on an online business directory such as HighFive Listings or QRGTECH. Yielding your website and basic business information will for sure improve the implementations of the overall optimization.

The Three Categories Of Business Profiles

1: The Basic Business Profile Submissions

In the basic business profile submissions, the owner of the business has the option to only submit one URL, title, and description. A lot of business profile submission sites will allow you to upload basic information for free. Whereas, for additional features, you’ll have to pay.

2: The Normal Business Profile Submissions

In normal business profile submission, the owner of the business has the option to submit one URL, but the number of titles and descriptions can be multiple. By doing this, the business owner can expect an improved CTR.

3: The Multiple URL Business Profile Submissions

However, in multiple URL business profile submissions, the business owner has the option to submit up to 10 URLs, multiple titles, and descriptions. Just make sure that you are submitting URLs of the single site and not others. If you do this, you’ll not be able to rank the website.

It is a known fact that getting links from high authority websites is no longer the only thing needed to rank on the search engines.

So, how will you be able to find the top business profile submission sites?

Finding Business Profile Submission Sites

The only person who can recommend you the best business profile site for submission is yourself. This is because no one else but you know the requirements, and budget of your business. If you do not know how to find them, keep on reading below.

Find A Directory Related To Your Specific Niche

Let’s suppose that you own a plumbing shop in New York. Keep in mind that there will be business listing directories dedicated to the business niche that is yours.

You need to first off search on the search engines for keywords, geographic areas, or broader categories. Whereas, if you find a niche that appears for your related keyword, then you need to be sure that the business directory will divert the traffic to your website. An increase in organic traffic will improve your sales and generate a higher ROI.

What more? If the search engines consider the US local directory to be adequately imperative to rank on the SERP for related keywords or phrases, only then it is worth it for you to join it.

Find A Directory With Value

When you search on the internet for “the best US local Directory” you will be surprised to see a lot of results. Keep in mind that not all of them will be able to be legit. So, before you upload basic business information on such business profiles submission sites, you need to check their stats carefully. Or else you can expect to get penalized by Google and other search engines.

Domain Authority:

When it comes to listing your business on the directory, you should aim for a directory that has at least a DA score of 25. The scale ranges from 1 – 100, where 1 is the lowest and 100 is considered to be the best.

The Age:

There is an old saying “old is gold”. This remains true for business listing directories too. A business profile submission site that has been around for a while with a good DA is a clear indication that it has been providing top of the line services.

Do not get tempted by other factors if the business directory is not too old.

The TrustFlow:

The TrustFlow is similar to the DA, but it focuses much on how legitimate a site is. A low TrustFlow with a high rank a clear indication that it is not being valued by any search engine at all. Even if ranks well of the keyword, it is best that you avoid such directories.

How Much Should You Pay?

If you are wondering how much you need to pay the business profile submission sites in 2020, then the answer is “nothing”. A lot of renowned business listing sites such as HighFive Listings will allow you to list your business website for free. However, if you opt for some additional features, you might need to pay a small number of fees.

If directories are asking you to pay a few hundred Dollars for indexing, you need to ask yourself whether it is worth it or not. An online business directory that is asking for the price should be able to yield high traffic and increase sales and leads. It is you who’ll have to decide on the options.

Reasons Why You Need SEO

SEO is a simple process that is imperative for improved online visibility and business brand search-ability. So, if you are an owner of a small or a medium-scaled business, you need to how SEO can take your business to the succeeding level.

Getting Organic Searches

Did you know that organic search plays a vital role in the business website performance? Yes, it is considered to be a critical funnel for user engagement too. You will only be able to get high traffic with the help of SEO.

Helps In Building Trust

The primary goal of SEO is to optimize the website for the related keyword. But that is not the only factor that helps in ranking a website. You must consider all the other factors too. Only then you will be able to build trust with the search engine and the users.

Helps In Enhancing User Experience

Every business owner needs a high number of organic traffic with greater online visibility. Well, a lot of them overlook the fact the user experience is also important.

Bad user experience will increase the bounce rate of your website, which implies that Google or Bing will not consider your official business website to be user friendly.

Local SEO Increases Traffic

One of the best ways to gain and retain traffic is by local SEO. Keeping in mind that local SEO has always aimed to optimize the website for the local community so that people can easily find you.

Bottom Line

All in all, with the help of high-quality business profile submission sites and SEO, you are going to benefit from it by a lot. So, once again, business profile submission still does work in 2020, only if you do it right.

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