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archie heaton and his parents

Being born into a household of celebrities is one of several methods to become well-known without trying too hard, just like Archie Heaton. A celebrity child may not have an opinion about wanting to be famous at a young age. But it will probably take them a few years to realise how fortunate they are to have been born into fame.

Archie Heaton And His Parents

Both of Archie Heaton’s parents are well-known members of the entertainment world. His mother is the well-known Japanese musician Akiko Keex Matsuura, and his dad is the English actor Charlie Heaton.

Who Is The Father Of Archie Heaton?

Charlie Ross Heaton, an English actor and musician, was born on February 6, 1994. He is best known for his role as Jonathan Byers in the science fiction horror Netflix series Stranger Things from 2016 to this moment, as well as for his performances in the movies As You Are from 2016, Marrowbone from 2017, The New Mutants from 2020, No Future from 2021, and The Souvenir Part II from 2021. Heaton participated in a variety of London-based bands before beginning his acting career.


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On February 6, 1994, Heaton was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He was raised by his mother in Bridlington, a tiny coastal town in Yorkshire, on a municipal estate. At the age of 16, Heaton moved to London. Before becoming the drummer for the noise-rock group Comanechi, he played in several bands. The group published an album in 2013 and went on tour for a year and a half during his leadership. After that, Heaton joined the London-based psychedelic group, Half Loon.

Heaton has no professional acting training; he first considered it as a way to increase his earnings as a musician and bartender by working as an extra and for commercial production companies. Heaton’s 2015 turned out to be a crucial year; he appeared in several British television shows as a guest and has three significant roles, notably Stranger Things. He first made an appearance in the ITV criminal drama DCI Banks and Vera, and he then made a brief appearance in the BBC One medical drama Casualty.

 He played the lead in the 2016 thriller Shut In, which also starred Naomi Watts and Oliver Platt and was helmed by Farren Blackburn. The movie was made at the beginning of 2015 before the cast of Stranger Things was announced, but it wasn’t released until after the show’s debut. In late 2015, he also shot the coming-of-age movie As You Are. It had its world premiere in January 2016 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Charlie Heaton Confession About His Son Archie Heaton

Charlie Heaton, who plays Will Byers in the smash Netflix series “Stranger Things,” is sharing a rare glimpse into his personal life while promoting the fourth and final season. The actor who plays Jonathon Byers on the show provided insight into his life before fame in an interview with GQ magazine, and he briefly mentioned his son.

The English musician and actor spoke candidly about starting his career by going on tour with his band. He met his ex-girlfriend and his son’s mother through this.

Archie Heaton’s Identity Revealed

Archie Heaton was born in 2014, while his father Charlie Heaton was 20 years old, in England, according to GQ. According to reports, Akiko Matsuura, who Charlie first met and dated as a teenager, is where Charlie’s son spends most of his time.

Now 28 years old, Charlie divides his time between the United States, where his career is focused primarily, and London, where his kid resides.

Akiko Matsuura: Who Is She? Information About Charlie Heaton’s Son’s Mother

Japanese drummer and vocalist Akiko Matsuura, known as Keex, currently resides in the UK. In the UK, she has played in several bands.

The lead vocalist for the English art rock group PRE is Matsuura. Matsuura, together with the guitarist Simon Petrovich, is the lead singer for the band Comanechi. Matsuura has a side project called Sperm Javelin and has played the drums with The Big Pink.

While attending art school in London, Matsuura met the other members of The Big Pink, who were all well-known in the city’s punk and noise rock scenes. Additionally, she has performed with the Glasgow band Divorce.

When they were both members of the noise rock band Commanechi, which included Heaton as the drummer and Matsuura as the frontwoman, Charlie and Akiko got to know one another before his acting career took off. He spent nearly a year on the road with the band and developed feelings for Matsuura during that period.

About Matsuura’s Private Life, Not Much Is Known

The two fell out in the months following Archie Heaton’s birth. They never discussed their split, either. They had a son together, although he lives with Akiko and Charlie only occasionally visits “In 2017, a source told Us Weekly this. “Charlie spends the majority of his time in Los Angeles doing auditions and filming for Stranger Things. Although he travels to London to see their baby. Charlie and Akiko get along well as parents.

Additionally, Heaton is infamous for being secretive and withholding pictures of his son. The age difference between Matsuura and Heaton is considerable; she is 41 and he is 28. Heaton was only 20 when Archie Heaton was born. Leading some to believe that he wasn’t ready to become a father.

In 2016, Heaton started seeing Natalia Dyer, a fellow “Stranger Things” actor, following their breakup with Matsuura. They both date in their respective roles as Jonathan and Nancy Wheeler in the popular Netflix series. Neither Dyer nor Heaton have made any remarks regarding her relationship with Archie.


Archie Heaton’s lack of an estimated net worth is understandable. His father, Charlie Heaton, on the other hand, is thought to be worth around $5 million. Charlie makes a living as a recognized actor in the film industry.

Also, Archie Heaton is too young to be in charge of and maintain an online presence. There is no official account for Archie Heaton on social media. Because neither he nor his parents have set one up.

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