4 ways to stay well with yoga while travelling

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If you love traveling and are also a health enthusiast, then yoga is a perfect way to keep your mental and physical well-being. It is yoga and meditation that can help you stay fit throughout your travel journey. But when we are on a trip, we don’t always get enough time to practice yoga and keep up the consistency.

Moreover, we are often so busy exploring new cultures, traditions, and experiences, that we tend to forget to maintain a yoga routine. But regardless of wherever you are, you must also be aware of the fact that it is incredibly beneficial for both your mind and body. So, here we are with the top 4 ways to stay well with yoga while traveling.

Awaken at the First Light of Day

The first and foremost step to staying fit and healthy is maintaining discipline. And how do you get that? Of course, starting your day at sunrise! Waking up early for yoga while traveling would offer a unique opportunity to start the day with mindfulness and rejuvenation. It would allow you to not only explore new destinations in tranquil solitude but also inspire you to set a positive tone for the day.

Early morning practice would also ensure consistency in yoga routines and hence, when you are traveling, you would easily be able to maintain your physical and mental well-being. Moreover, when you get out of bed in the early hours, you get the chance to connect with yourself and the surroundings in their most pure form. So, wake up, roll out your travel yoga mat, and take on the world. This magical hour, just before dawn, is believed to be the most conducive time for yoga and meditation.

Take Help from Online Resources

Today, in the era of the internet, you can have access to anything, whether you wish to know about science or take yoga teacher training sessions. In this fast-paced world, yoga is at your fingerprints. So, why not make use of it while traveling? Harness the power of online yoga resources with the help of mobile applications, virtual classes, and online videos.

There are numerous free as well as paid yoga apps that can offer a variety of classes and guided sessions and cater to all levels of practitioners. Download these apps before you venture off on your travel journey and you are all set to have an instructor in your pocket wherever you go. You can also enroll in virtual classes and attend live sessions on yoga practice, yoga teacher training, and more.

With this, you would get access to recorded classes, which would allow you to stay connected with your favorite teachers even during your travel journey. You can also use platforms like YouTube for they are nothing but the treasure troves of yoga tutorials and full-length classes.

Meditate and Practice Surya Namaskar

There is no doubt that meditation and Surya Namaskar make for significant parts of yoga. These are two activities that can help you achieve a lot from a health perspective. But why do meditation and Surya Namaskar deserve special attention within the context of travel? Well, these two practices, when combined, can always keep your mind, body, and spirit fit and fine. They can provide you with an ideal holistic wellness experience that would nurture you in the best way possible.

While meditation can help you stay centered and composed, surya namaskar can provide your body with flexibility and keep it physically apt, no matter where you are. Whether you are amid the most chaotic city, in a bustling market, or the solitude of nature, meditation can provide an atmosphere of tranquillity. On the other hand, Surya Namaskar is a dynamic yoga sequence that invigorates your body.

Hence, it must be an ideal choice for travelers as it can be performed in a small space and also, doesn’t require any equipment. All you need to have is only a few minutes to complete it and get on with your day. During your travel journey, you can combine meditation and Surya Namaskar into a personalized travel sequence. To do it, you can begin with a few minutes of meditation to calm your mind and set an intention for the day. Next, go on with a round or two of Sun Salutations to awaken your body and increase blood circulation.

In the end, finish it with a brief meditation to carry the inner peace you have cultivated.

Be Consistent

Resort to the power of routine as it can bring miracles in the form of substantial personality changes in your life. As they say, consistency is the cornerstone of successful practice, so make sure to abide by it, especially when you are traveling and not in the comforts of your home or studio. There are a lot of ways through which you can maintain consistency in yoga practice while on the go. You can set realistic goals or establish a practical routine.

You must keep in mind that your travel schedule would not allow you to go with the same intensity and duration of yoga practice as you have at home. That’s why it is important to set goals considering the time and space you can afford. Moreover, create a daily routine that incorporates yoga early in the morning. As already mentioned above, morning is considered the best time to connect to nature and bring out the best in you. You should also stay committed to yoga during your travel journey.

Treat your yoga practice as a non-negotiable part of your daily routine and then only you would be able to maintain consistency. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes, make sure you commit to those 15 minutes every day.

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