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Cosmetic Teeth Bonding Before And After

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Cosmetic bonding is a painless process given to dental patients. These procedures are used to whiten teeth or straighten misaligned teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding Before and After

BEFORE:- The patient's teeth had begun to erode and become discoloured.

Cosmetic Bonding Before and After

AFTER:- The dentist used cosmetic bonding artistically to whiten and contour the patient's teeth. Because her teeth are now uniform in size, she can grin more confidently.

– A misshapen tooth – A chipped tooth – A crooked tooth – Spaces in-between the teeth – A tooth with a fracture – A cracked tooth – A discolored tooth – A decayed tooth – A short tooth – The exposed root of a tooth – An eroded tooth


various dental problems

How long does dental bonding last is a question many patients who want to do the procedure ask? Before you go for any dental procedure, it is important to ask this question. It will let you know if the procedure will last long or not.