What to Wear And How to Choose Biker Jackets

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Biker Jacket

A biker jacket is not only a comfortable and practical thing but also an attribute that can tell a lot about a person. Most often, such products are made from leather, and the duration of wear and quality depends on many factors. For example, to sew a jacket, not only pig leather, but also buffalo, lamb, and horse leather can be used, which in turn affects its quality characteristics.

Choosing the Biker Jacket Material

  • Pig leather is most often used in the manufacture of biker-style jackets, this is due to the most affordable cost of the material. But products made from pig leather quickly lose their original appearance and wear out, since the leather is very soft and susceptible to scratches and various types of damage. Such characteristics often depend on proper processing and sewing techniques. If the manufacturer knows how to work with pig skin and adheres to certain technologies, then the item has the appropriate quality characteristics. Pig skin has some peculiarities: in warm weather its fibers allow air to pass through, and in cold weather they retain heat. But this is subject to the proper processing of the material. When purchasing a jacket made of such leather, you should pay attention to such characteristics as elasticity, softness, and absence of defects.
  • Ox leather is durable and very strong, but its cost is quite expensive. A product made from this leather will be tough, but at the same time very elastic.
  • Lambskin is also a very high-quality material, it is soft, has a long service life, and is quite cheap.
  • Goat leather jackets are soft and have good water resistance.
  • Horse leather is rarely used for tailoring; it has distinctive quality characteristics, is very strong and durable.

History of Origin

Despite the popularity of this type of outerwear, few people know the history of the biker jacket. These jackets appeared in the fifties of the last century. At first, this type of clothing was invented for pilots, since the cockpits of American aircraft were not airtight. In those days, special jackets for pilots appeared that protected them from wind and rain. These attributes were made of thick waterproof leather and fit tightly to the body, which provided maximum protection from adverse weather conditions. After this a new type of clothing appeared in the world, namely the biker jacket or moto jacket known to many.

Key Features of a Biking Jacket

The leather thickness of a biker jacket should be between 1.2 and 1.6 millimeters. Since this affects the protective properties of the material. The jacket must have an appropriate cut; there may be additions in the form of cuffs or a belt. Shoulders should be wide so as not to restrict movement. Also, an important element for those who like to ride a bike quickly is the presence of inserts made of reflective material.

Biker Jacket Models

Mango has long sleeves, a lapel collar, side pockets with zippers, shoulder tabs, and an asymmetrical closure.

What to Wear With

A leather biker jacket is a universal wardrobe attribute. The jacket looks original with almost any outfit. What concerns most of all such models as Biker Jackets or, for example, Byron. A leather jacket can be perfectly combined with any item of clothing. For example, a biker jacket can be worn over an evening dress, which will add originality to the look. Most often, a leather biker jacket is combined with clothes such as a T-shirt or shirt. Jeans, ankle boots or sneakers also perfectly complement a casual look. Leather trousers also go well with a jacket.

By wearing a romantic chiffon dress, ballet shoes, a snood scarf around your neck, and a biker-cut leather jacket on top, you will make a great impression and your image will be remembered for its originality. If you wear a leather jacket outdoors and complement the look with loose-fitting trousers and sneakers, it will be not only comfortable but also very stylish. When going to a party, you can also wear leather outerwear over a short dress.

A leather jacket will always look appropriate, no matter where you are. A leather jacket goes well with any style of clothing, complementing it favorably. A person wearing such clothes looks more confident, purposeful, and independent. A biker jacket is a comfortable wardrobe item that emphasizes individuality and reliably protects from adverse weather conditions.

For men

Shortened models give a man’s image strength and confidence, fortitude, and purposefulness. Biker jackets with the effect of aged leather make the image stylish and laconic, effectively standing out among others. Patent or matte leather models go well with the wardrobe of a businessman who is always ready to move forward and achieve his goals.

For women

Today there is simply a huge selection of different models of leather biker jackets for women. Therefore, you can easily choose exactly the model that will emphasize your individuality and make your image unique. The jacket can be of a classic style, shortened, or complemented with a belt and cuffs. Military-style jackets go well with any wardrobe item and are very versatile. They look especially impressive with skirts. Biker jackets always remain fashionable and complement a woman’s image.

How to Wash And Clean Stains?

Leather products require delicate handling, which also applies to washing and care. And when your favorite item is stained, the question arises whether it can be washed in a machine, or whether it is better to resort to removing stains by hand. And in order for a biker jacket to have its original appearance even after washing, you need to know certain rules.

Under no circumstances should natural leather be machine-washed. You can use dry cleaning services or try to remove dirt without resorting to machine washing yourself. It is worth considering that the wrong method of cleaning can damage the leather, and the item can also lose its shape and color. When cleaning leather, you should adhere to the following rules, and then the item will last for a long time without losing its original qualities:

  1. Many stains can be removed without using water;
  2. It is better to use water in a minimal amount when cleaning;
  3. Do not stretch, rub, or squeeze;
  4. You can only use special products for leather products.

Small stains, for example, can be wiped off with a wet napkin or cloth. It is almost impossible to remove stubborn or old stains from the skin on your own. Therefore, it is better to entrust the product to professional dry cleaning. A leather biker jacket can be impregnated with a special product that will prevent dirt and the need for regular washing. Impregnation on the surface of the product creates a protective layer that prevents the occurrence of contamination.

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